5 tips on maintaining work-life balance with flexible working

When work-life balance is off, it can lead to unhealthy habits and a complete lack of productivity. We are all on the search for that perfect mix between being an employee and a person. This post is going to cover 5 simple tips on maintaining a work-life balance.

Flexible working at Uncommon

“A flexible work environment has been shown to decrease stress, boost levels of job satisfaction and help employees maintain healthier habits.” Forbes

At Uncommon, we employ the activity-based working model as we recognise that every individuals’ way of working differs greatly. A varied environment can also support what you’re working on or how you work.

We believe that our role is to provide not only flexible spaces to work in, but creative spaces too. These help to harness productivity levels and to also boost an individuals’ energy. By being in our stimulating environments, it will lead to increasing your output. We also like to take a humanistic approach – being mindful of how we balance work and wellness. Diving into the sensory elements of our spaces helps individuals benefit from this holistic experience.

Building a community

A coworking space isn’t just for working, it’s also a lifestyle. At Uncommon, we offer great access to events and opportunities that you may not be able to access working from home. We offer fitness classes, health and wellbeing sessions, food events, collaborations with local, independent brands and much more.

We want people who work remotely to feel part of a community and connect with others. Working within a community of like-minded people can create a space for idea exchanges to help your personal development and to grow your business.

“The concept of better work-life balance is becoming an important factor when people determine where they want to work. Both individuals and businesses are beginning to understand that flexibility leads to higher productivity and a healthier lifestyle.” Coworking Resources

5 tips on maintaining work-life balance with flexible working

1. Prioritise your time – set a schedule and stick to it

Time blocking your tasks and activities to see what needs to get done without overloading yourself. Create a timetable for the day which gives you a balance of work related tasks, lunch, breaks and personal endeavours. You can even try a quick meditation or stretch in-between tasks.

2. Spend some time each day doing something that makes you happy

Joining events, webinars and fitness classes during your working day can be a great energy boost. You can try something different like going out for a nice with a colleague. Doing something solo such as going to a local park or reading a book has its benefits too. It’s important that you do something that isn’t work related and check to create harmony in your day.

3. Eliminate all distractions

Create boundaries for yourself around social media use so that you’re not distracted when you’re working on something important. Lock away your phone if you have to! You can even incentivise this, by saying you’ll give yourself ‘x’ amount of screen time, or enjoy a nice treat after you’ve ticked off an important task from your checklist.

4. Socialise with colleagues, friends and family

Make sure you give yourself time in the day to connect with others. Call a friend, get to know a colleague, ask someone about their weekend. Small gestures of kindness go a long way. Coworking spaces are great for this as there are always people in the communal area that are happy for a nice coffee chat.

5. Know when to switch off

Whilst flexible working is great, a lot of people have blurred the line between work time and home time. Resetting and refreshing yourself before another day of work is very important for true self-care and being mindful of your limits so that you don’t end up overworking and exhausting yourself.

Uncommon takes pride in helping businesses thrive. Our workspaces are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about where and how you work. Visit our locations in Borough, Highbury & Islington, Fulham, and Liverpool Street to experience our unique vision of working life across London.