Our environmental, social and governance strategy


Green Delivered

At Uncommon, our vision is to create truly sustainable environments for our members, team, and partners to thrive in. In this context, we have developed our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, setting ambitious market-leading targets across environmental and social themes. This strategy outlines our commitments to how exactly those will be delivered.

We are really excited to be starting this journey and invite you to be part of it over the coming years.

Our Commitments

  • Improve our climate impact
  • Work in more sustainable buildings
  • Collaborate with ethical suppliers
  • Promote diversity, opportunities and the wellbeing of our people
  • Support our members to create a positive impact
  • Reduce our emissions
    Target: Reduce our absolute emissions in line with science, aiming for an 80% reduction by 2025
  • Achieve net zero
    Target: Be a net zero business across scope 1, 2 and net scope 3 categories by 2027
  • Be carbon negative
    Target: We will be a carbon negative business, removing more emissions than we have released through our operations from when we were founded to today, and for all future years by 2023
  • Improve building efficiency
    Target: All our buildings will achieve an EPC rating of B or above by 2027
  • Provide members with low-carbon options
    Target: Offer our members carbon neutral desks across all our buildings by 2027
  • Source and use better materials
    Target: Develop a criteria for sourcing more sustainable and circular products across our business by 2023
  • Set new supplier standards
    Target: Develop a supplier code of conduct by the end of 2022
  • Actively engage our suppliers
    Target: Engage all our suppliers on key topics – notably climate, wages and diversity – in line with our code of conduct by 2023
  • Ensure compliance with our standards
    Target: Ensure all our suppliers comply with our code of conduct by 2025
  • Increase diversity in our business
    Target: We will measure, set targets for and report on diversity across our business – considering gender, race, religion, LGBTQI+ and disability – by 2023
  • Provide opportunities for our employees
    Target: 70% of our workforce will complete relevant, personalised, and career-enhancing training provided by Uncommon by 2023
  • Support the health and wellbeing of our people
    Target: We will provide all of our employees with access to individualised and personally relevant programme to support mental, physical and financial wellbeing by 2023
  • Engage our members on climate
    Target: We will actively engage all our members on climate action by 2023
  • Support our members to embed sustainability
    Target: We will provide our members with the knowledge and tools to help them reduce their impact and embed sustainability within their practices by 2023
  • Set new member standards
    Target: We will develop a member guide, setting standards across our workspaces for sustainability by 2023


  • Launch our full ESG strategy

  • Achieve Investors in People accreditation

  • Begin B-Corp application process

  • Develop a supplier code of conduct
  • 2023

  • Become a carbon negative business

  • Develop a set of clear criteria for sourcing more sustainable and circular products

  • Measure, set target for and report on diversity
  • Provide our members with knowledge and tools to help reduce impact and embed sustainability
  • 2025

  • Reduce our absolute emissions, aiming for an 80% reduction

  • Ensure all our suppliers comply with our code of conduct
  • 2027

  • Be a net zero business across scope 1, 2 and selected scope 3 categories

  • All our buildings achieve on EPC rating of B or above

  • Offer our members carbon-neutral desks across all our buildings
  • Accreditations

    Investors in People

    Standard accreditation received in 2022


    Currently under review, with target certification date of 2023

    Our approach to carbon compensation

    Change to our approach to carbon compensation


    Offset credits are independently verified by established certification bodies


    Project delivers co-benefits beyond carbon offsetting


    Project clearly defines monitoring approach to remove risk of future issues


    Project reduces emissions beyond the baseline, with investment from offsets key to development


    Offset credit is transparently traded and retired within 12 months

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