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The best coworking space in Borough – Uncommon

Borough is a very fast-growing neighbourhood for creatives, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Uncommon Borough is just a few steps from the Northern Line. There are food stalls right outside our building. Borough Market, Bermondsey High Street and London Bridge is a short walk away too. It gives you something new to try on your lunch break […]

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Discover Borough: The Vibrant Food Scene

Borough is a fast-growing and very creative neighbourhood with so much to explore. As Uncommon is situated in the heart of the city, everything is practically outside of your doorstep – including the beloved Bermondsey High Street and Borough Market. It’s an area known for it’s vast food scene; it would be impossible to squeeze […]

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The best parks near Borough Market

Many successful people will tell you: the most important part of your work day often takes place away from your desk space. Why? Because we derive motivation and energy from features of the outside world that we cannot get in our usual working environments. Breathe in fresh air, soak up plant life, listen closely to […]

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The Best places to eat lunch in Borough

Working at the Uncommon Borough coworking space means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to lunchtime eating. Whether it’s a chorizo on sourdough toast at Brindesa Tapas or a sweet treat from Bread Ahead – we’re here to help you navigate the variety on offer in Borough. Here is a roundup of the Best […]

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