Why Uncommon

  • Ergonomics

    Feel Supported.
    Looking after yourself is as much about how you sit as what you eat. Chairs balanced for posture. Standing desks to stretch. Room to move. Stop the slouch. Get comfortable.

  • Biophilia

    Breathe deeply.
    A building without greenery is just unnatural. Plants create fresh air and make you happy, so the more the better. Roof terrace outside, plenty of pots inside. A healthier workspace to be. Find your place.

  • Sound

    Mix things up.
    Just because a place sounds busy doesn't mean anything's getting done. You need to hear yourself think. Office spaces that sound as good as they look. Music in tune with a focused mind. Find your rhythm.

  • Activity based working

    Switch it up.
    Fine-tune your environment. Clean minimalism for focus. Stimulating surroundings for creativity. Enjoy the space. Use it every way you can.

  • Lighting

    Light up the place.
    Great ideas come when you see things clearly. Well-lit spaces. Windows wide open. Moments of clarity. Make the switch - brighten up. Find a fresh perspective.

  • Scent

    Come to your senses.
    Improve your focus to work better, not harder. Notice the little things. How the scent in a room can change the way you think. Calm concentration. Inspired ideas. Keep things interesting.

  • Wellbeing

    Feel good about where – and how – you work. A place that doesn't just feel physically comfortable to be in, but emotionally supports you too, boosting efficiency and reducing stress.

  • Space

    A co-working environment where every detail is designed to inspire and energise. Work doesn't feel like work. when you're surrounded by creativity and character.

  • Service

    You won't notice us. But we're always here in the background. Making sure you have everything you need. Helping you focus. Calmly supporting the every day.

  • Notice the details

    Everything you’d expect, plenty you wouldn’t:

    24/7 access and super-fast internet.
    Manned reception and coffee lounge.
    Fully equipped meeting rooms.
    Quiet areas and creative spaces.
    Bike storage and showers.
    Ergonomic furniture.
    Switch between locations.
    Standing desks in shared spaces.
    Members’ portal.

  • Spark conversation

    Get together for Tuesday Tea Time, Thursday Drinks and Friday Breakfast.

    Expand your horizons with workshops and member talks.

    Network and make new connections.

    Showcase your product, test out your big idea, or explore up-and-coming designers’ work.

  • Look after yourself

    Get together with yoga, boxing classes, HIIT sessions and the running club.

    Explore mindfulness and enjoy the silence in our quiet areas.

    Find your balance with help perfecting your posture as you work.


From £40 + VAT

Pay-as-you-go, no strings attached.
Book online for a chosen weekday.

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Out-of-towners in for the day.
When you need a change of scene.
Complete freedom to choose.



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