5 benefits of promoting sustainability in the workplace

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years. As a result, companies are now looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve their bottom line. When promoting sustainability becomes part of your company culture, and you’re constantly encouraged to find ways to make your workplace sustainable, you’ll find it easier to get motivated […]

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The importance of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

The History of Biophilia Biophilia was first named by the psychologist Erich Fromm. Fromm stated that he believed Biophilia represented the “connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life”. Simply put, Biophilia is a love for nature. This was further elaborated on by the Biologist Edward O. Wilson in his book: Biophilia. […]

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Holistic Transitioning: Lessons of Lockdown – World Wellbeing Week

It’s World Wellbeing Week on June 21st-30th. Our focus this year is on a company that is part of the Uncommon community. Holistic Transitioning provide services that empower people to show up in their fullest capacity. They provide them with the tools to transform everyday experiences into opportunities for self-actualisation. Uncommon x Holistic Transitioning Instagram […]

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World Earth Day – Zero Waste with Fin & Earth

It’s World Earth Day on April 22nd. You may or may not have noticed that at Uncommon, we have a slight plant obsession. Our priority is to create a healthy, happy and sustainable work environment through every intricate detail of our design elements. Our focus this year is on the incredible impact of small businesses. […]

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Food For Thought – National Vegetarian Week

Here at Uncommon, we’re celebrating National Vegetarian Week on the 10-16th May. We do love all things healthy and green, after all. Whilst we’re all laser focused on our self-improvement resolutions, it’s easy to overlook the simpler things that can improve both our physical and mental health. Let’s take a few minutes to look at […]

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Wellbeing podcasts to tune into

At Uncommon, we value making your working day be as effective as possible. We take notable care to curate bespoke playlists to fit a particular space or time of day, which can have a big role to play in influencing our moods. Sometimes, you just want to transfer your mind to a calmer place. As […]

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Desk yoga stretch

Five Simple Desk Yoga Stretches

Numerous studies have shown over the years that lack of movement, poor posture or staying in the same position for too long not only causes physical aches in the body (particularly in the neck, shoulders and back), but can contribute to potential health issues such as obesity or musculoskeletal disorders. The practise of yoga is […]

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Making Mental Health talk common #TimeToTalkDay

Mental health issues affect one in four of us, yet it is a taboo subject that leaves many people feeling alone. Time to Talk Day encourages us all to be more open about mental health – to talk and listen to those around us. It’s the small steps that can have the power to make […]

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