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5 tips on maintaining work-life balance with flexible working

When work-life balance is off, it can lead to unhealthy habits and a complete lack of productivity. We are all on the search for that perfect mix between being an employee and a person. This post is going to cover 5 simple tips on maintaining a work-life balance. Flexible working at Uncommon “Creating a flexible […]

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How coworking spaces support wellbeing

A coworking space goes beyond just a workspace – especially at Uncommon. Wellbeing is woven into every aspect of Uncommon. We ensure our members feel good about where and how they work; supporting their physical comfort and emotional wellness which helps boost efficiency and reduce stress overall. “Research by the University of Michigan suggests that […]

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Wellbeing podcasts to tune into

At Uncommon, we value making your working day be as effective as possible. We take notable care to curate bespoke playlists to fit a particular space or time of day, which can have a big role to play in influencing our moods. Sometimes, you just want to transfer your mind to a calmer place. As […]

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Achieving mindfulness at work

While it may seem obvious that better wellbeing makes us happier and more productive, many of us regularly make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals – and prioritising mindfulness is often the first to go. Scientists now understand the cumulative negative effect the build-up of stress has on our physical and mental health; working […]

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