Embrace a weekend of work. Follow your passion whilst others rest. Make the most of our space at its quietest. All while avoiding the stress of a contract. Short bursts of working for increased performance. Ideal for weekend workers and moonlighting creatives.


  • Pay as you go

    Book your membership for your weekends and nothing more. All the benefits of a flexible office, but without the monthly commitment.

  • London wide

    Coworking spaces available all throughout London. Work from wherever is most convenient. Make the most of Uncommon.

  • Super Connectivity

    Faster internet for better connectivity. From high-quality group calls to high-speed streaming, your weekend pass guarantees a fully connected experience.

  • Activity-based working

    Work in a way that suits you. Designated quiet spots, phone booths, meeting rooms, and more. Enjoy outdoor meetings on the roof terrace or in the garden. Get things done your way.

  • Coffee lounge

    Get the boost you need from a cup of coffee, a nutritious snack, or a range of lunchtime meals. All available from our private on-site coffee lounge.

Highbury & Islington

Take a lunchtime stroll to the fresh air of highbury fields.

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From £35 + VAT

Weekend passes mean exactly that. Grab some quiet time and get started.

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