ESG Sustainable Living Guide: Organic Food

At Uncommon, we believe that our role as a business should be to contribute, in whatever way we can to finding and supporting solutions to challenges. This is why we have set out an ESG Strategy with truly ambitious market-leading targets – across environmental and social themes – and our approach on how we will deliver these targets over the coming years.

We are excited to have started this journey and invite you to be a part of it over the coming years for positive change.

Uncommon’s ESG Sustainable Living Guide

We’re very excited to be launching our monthly Sustainable Living Guide. If you’re an Uncommon member at one of our flexible workspaces or private office spaces, you will receive these straight to your inbox every month.

Based on a particular topic that is in line with our ESG ethos, you will find interesting facts, perks and info that will hopefully give you a kickstart on your journey to being more planet conscious.

How do I eat more sustainably?

1. Choose Organic

The term organic food is not new but do we know why it is better for us and the planet? Organic foods are produced through farming practices that do not include all those nasty artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.

By switching to organic we are promoting better welfare for wildlife and enabling better health for our soils, water, air and our bodies. Look out for the below label when you next shop to ensure you are buying the best in organic

2. Variety is key

Quite simply the more variety of food on your plate the more sustainable your diet is, why? Farmers growing more variety enriches our soils and supports varied life on our planet.

3. Opt for plant based foods

We know red meat is one of the offenders of omitting harmful CO2 emissions, if we can reduce our intake of red meat per week we not only help with reducing emissions but it is better for our health too.

Whilst reducing meat intake is great, carnivores can rejoice and still make an impact on health and planet by following some simple swaps here: Go Plants 

4. Choose certified B Corps

With so many companies using marketing buzzwords it is hard to get through the noise of understanding who is actually doing good for us and the plant.

Certified B Corporations give you a guide as to what businesses meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

5. Buy your food locally

A shorter food chain not only helps with reducing emissions but the nutritional value of your food is improved the less it has to travel.

Uncommon are committing to better food choices

We ensure our food suppliers are ethically and sustainably focused to ensure we are aligned with our ESG goals.

Our bakery delights in our cafes at our spaces are certified organic. Our supplier works with local foodbanks in London to ensure surplus food goes to those that need it most, additionally they have a close partnership with The Felix Project who deliver surplus food to charities and schools across London.

All the food we supply at our Events at our workspaces uses responsibly sourced ingredients, only uses plastic free packaging and minimises food waste where possible.

Read more about our ESG Strategy here.