ESG Sustainable Living Guide: Energy Saving

At Uncommon, we believe that our role as a business should be to contribute, in whatever way we can to finding and supporting solutions to challenges. This is why we have set out an ESG Strategy with truly ambitious market-leading targets – across environmental and social themes – and our approach on how we will deliver these targets over the coming years.

We are excited to be starting this journey and invite you to be a part of it over the coming years for positive change.

Uncommon’s ESG Sustainable Living Guide

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Based on a particular topic that is in line with our ESG ethos, you will find interesting facts, perks and info that will hopefully give you a kickstart on your journey to being more planet conscious.

Which of these 3 energy saving hacks will you try?

1. Dial it down

Turning our thermostats down by just 1 degree, could save you over £100 a year. The goal is to have them set between 19-21 degrees.

So dust off the Xmas jumper, Mr. Darcy style, turn that dial down and let’s get cosy with layers! Source: Energy Saving Trust

2. Standby sucks

A lot of appliances guzzle energy when left on standby…it’s called a Phantom Load.

Aside from things like fridge/freezers which need to stay on, big culprits are things like games consoles, set top boxes, modems and speakers.

Do a quick run around at night before you go to bed and you’ll save £55 a year while you sleep!

We love the Loop app that works with a smart meter to identify your top culprits and can help you cut your energy use by a whopping 10%. Source: Loop

3. Max your use of renewable energy

So this isn’t a money saver, but it’s an out and out planet pleaser!

Whoever your supplier is (green or not), we all actually get the same energy from the national grid. Renewable energy currently makes up about 40% of the power mix so if we can match our energy usage to times when there’s the maximum amount of renewable power in the grid, we’ll be using clean, green energy vs burning more fossil fuels. 

How do we know when that is? Download the YoYu app to check the best time on any given day. They’ll send you alerts to remind you too. Easy! Sources: YoYu AppNational Grid

Uncommon are committing to saving energy across our buildings

Here are some of our initiatives on energy saving across our Uncommon Spaces

Our lighting and air conditioning are set up on timers so that they shut down from 19.00hrs – 07.00hrs Mon-Fri. They are off at weekends, unless required.

We have installed shower reducers in order to save on water/electricity usage.

We have installed water butts to collect rain water to utilise this water for all our gorgeous plants you see in the spaces.

We are currently installing sensor taps to save on water usage/ electricity usage.

Additionally, we are also looking to introduce LED lightning, Lighting sensors, Cavity Insulation and Air source heat pumps across all Uncommon sites.

Read more about our ESG Strategy here.