In today’s world, we need to do everything we can to protect our environment. One way to do this is to reduce waste and use fewer resources. Another way is to take steps towards greener offices, like Uncommon Spaces. Here are some simple things you can do to create a greener working space for yourself.

1. Use Recycled Materials

Recycling is one of the best ways to save the earth. Recycling has many benefits, including saving water, reducing pollution, and creating jobs.

There are two main types of recyclable items: Paper and plastic. Both can be easily recycled into new products. For instance, paper can be used to create new office supplies such as notebooks. Likewise, plastic can be turned into new bottles, containers, and office supplies. We use sustainable options where possible, like reusable keep cups that can be purchased at our on-site cafes.

2. Save Energy

Energy conservation is another excellent way to save the planet. By using less electricity, you can save money while helping to preserve the environment.

You can start conserving energy immediately by turning off lights and computers when not needed. Also, turn off appliances when you leave the room. Finally, try to conserve energy during peak times. For example, use less air conditioning during the summer months and heaters during winter.

3. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reducing, reusing, and recycling are important things you should consider doing if you want to live green. Reducing means cutting back on unnecessary purchases. Reusing means taking advantage of the things around us. And recycling means making sure that whatever you throw out doesn’t end up in landfills.

Reusable items are great for the environment. They help to reduce waste by reducing the amount of packaging used. They also help to keep down the cost of running an office. Using reusable items, you won’t need to purchase new ones yearly.

Finally, you can recycle anything that has been thrown out. For example, you can collect office waste and then sell them to a company that turns them into reusable products.

4. Educate Employees

Educating your staff is another way to go green. When you educate your employees, you give them the tools they need to become environmentally conscious individuals.

One way to get started educating your employees is to hold meetings about environmental issues. For example, you could invite speakers discussing topics like climate change, global warming, and renewable energy.

Also, you can teach your employees about recycling. Show them how to dispose of trash and explain how to recycle properly.

At Uncommon, we host regular talks and workshops on our ESG strategy so our members are continuously being educated and are in the loop of our sustainability goals.

5. Go Paperless

Going paperless is another step towards living green. Why? Because going paperless saves trees, reduces pollution, and helps the environment.

You eliminate the need to print documents and store papers when you go paperless. Instead, you send emails and share files electronically. This method also allows you to save time. Rather than printing multiple copies of the same document, you only need to print one copy. So follow our steps and go Paperless.

6. Purchase eco-friendly products

Buying environmentally friendly products is one of the easiest ways to start making changes to your office. There are plenty of companies out there that sell eco-friendly products. Some of them even offer free delivery.

For example, many companies sell a range of products made from recycled materials. They also provide a carbon offsetting scheme, meaning that if you buy their products, they plant trees elsewhere in the world.

7. Encourage green transport

Encouraging employees to cycle (we have bike storage at our Uncommon spaces!) or taking public transport rather than driving cars is an excellent way to reduce congestion and pollution. It’s also a lot cheaper. Public transport costs less than £100 per month, while car hire costs around £300 per month. Public transport also benefits people because they sometimes don’t have to drive as far or spend so much money on fuel.

8. Support green charities

Supporting environmental causes is a really simple thing to do. All you have to do is donate money to charity.

Some of the biggest names in business support various charitable projects worldwide. For example, Apple supports the World Wildlife Fund. Microsoft supports WWF UK. And Google supports Greenpeace.

So why not join them and give something back?

9. Be a role model

Being a role model is important. People tend to copy successful models. You’ll set an excellent example for everyone by positively influencing the workplace. By encouraging colleagues to recycle, reducing consumption, and supporting green initiatives, you’ll show that sustainability isn’t just a fad – it’s a way of life.

At Uncommon, we believe that our role as a business should be to contribute, in whatever way we can to finding and supporting solutions to challenges. This is why we have set out an ESG Strategy with truly ambitious market-leading targets – across environmental and social themes – and our approach on how we will deliver these targets over the coming years.

We are excited to have started this journey and invite you to be a part of it over the coming years for positive change.