B Corp Month 2024: At Uncommon, We’re Always Moving Forward

Every March, B Corp Month offers an opportunity for B Corps around the world to come together and showcase their dedication to social and environmental responsibility. The goal is to spread the word about the B Corp movement and show people everywhere the positive impact businesses can have if they put their minds to it.

Since Uncommon became B Corp certified in May 2023, this is our very first B Corp Month, and we’re thrilled to get involved. Here’s a bit more about what this year’s theme is all about, what it means for us at Uncommon, and the exciting events we’ve got in store.

2024: “This Way Forward”

This year, the B Corp community will be celebrating “This Way Forward”. It’s a call for all of us to embrace the journey beyond achieving B Corp certification. It’s about championing ongoing improvement and prioritising people, communities, and the planet in our daily operations. 

During this month, we are all encouraged to highlight the steps we’re taking towards a sustainable and equitable future.

“This Way Forward” also emphasises the importance of collective progress. By sharing our stories and successes, we aim to inspire both our members and other businesses to support B Corp values. 

How we’re pushing forward at Uncommon

Becoming a B Corp was a huge milestone for us but what’s most important is what comes next—keeping the momentum going and making sure we’re always moving in the right direction, for the sake of our planet and everyone on it.

To ensure transparency and encourage progress, we published our first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy in mid-2022 with an update on a yearly basis. This plan lays out our ambitions for the next five years, focusing on the key areas of:

  • Reducing our negative impact on the climate
  • Working in more sustainable buildings
  • Collaborating with ethical suppliers
  • Promoting diversity, opportunities and the well-being of our people
  • Supporting our members to create a positive impact

It’s a huge part of our commitment to not just do well, but to do good. 

A snapshot of what we’re working towards

  • Cutting Emissions: We’ve set a goal to reduce our emissions by 80% by 2025. It’s a tall order, but we’re determined to meet it.
  • Net Zero: By 2027, we aim to achieve net zero status across scope 1, 2 and net scope 3 categories. It’s a significant step towards minimising our environmental impact.
  • Going Beyond Carbon Neutral: We’re working to actively remove more carbon than we have emitted and will ever emit—from the start of Uncommon to today, and for future years.
  • Sustainable Workspaces: We’re on a mission to offer carbon-neutral desks in all our buildings by 2027, making green working spaces a reality for our members.
  • Responsible Sourcing: We’re tightening up our sourcing criteria to ensure our products are more sustainable and circular—because every choice matters.
  • Supplier Standards: By 2025, we expect all our suppliers to adhere to our newly established code of conduct, which emphasises environmental care, fair wages, and diversity.
  • Wellbeing for Everyone: Supporting our team’s well-being across the board—mental, physical, and financial—is non-negotiable for us.

There’s plenty more on our to-do list. Our full ESG strategy provides a deeper dive into our commitments and how we plan to bring them to life.

B Corp Discussion Event: Today and Tomorrow as a B Corp

In celebration of B Corp Month, we’ll be hosting our own event at Uncommon Liverpool Street.

On 6th March, we’ll be bringing together an inspirational panel of innovative businesses, thought-leaders, and inspiring founders to share their B Corp experiences. 

They’ll be discussing why the movement of business for good is important and what B Corp today versus tomorrow looks like for them, their communities, and the global B Corp vision.

Learn from our experts’ experiences and get a deeper understanding of B Corp and its new accreditation laws. You’ll leave feeling inspired, with tangible takeaways for your own business.

Hosted by leading lifestyle journalist, Jessica Salter, join the below panel for an inspiring conversation:

  • Kyle Soo, Partnerships & Product Manager at B Lab UK
  • Lucy Squires, Marketing Director at allplants
  • Jamie Wild, Co-Founder of Feragaia
  • Christina Brooks, CEO of Ruebik
  • Aisling Connaught, Co-founder of Cyd Connects
  • Magda Al-Nugaidi, Managing Director at Uncommon


We’ll be hosting a B Corp branded breakfast before the panel discussion. Afterwards, we’ll also run breakout sessions with some of our speakers. This is a great opportunity if you want to find out how your business can become a business for good.

08.30: Arrivals and breakfast

09.00-10.00: Panel discussion

10.00-10.30: Networking and opportunity to meet the panel

Book your free ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Move forward with Uncommon

If you’re looking to join a like-minded community and base your business in a space that actively supports your ESG goals or B Corp Certification, we’re here for you.

From reducing our environmental footprint to supporting a diverse and vibrant team, every aspect of our operations is designed with purpose and responsibility at its core. 

Joining Uncommon means aligning yourself with a company and a community that values action towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

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