Holistic Transitioning: Lessons of Lockdown – World Wellbeing Week

It’s World Wellbeing Week on June 21st-30th.

Our focus this year is on a company that is part of the Uncommon community. Holistic Transitioning provide services that empower people to show up in their fullest capacity. They provide them with the tools to transform everyday experiences into opportunities for self-actualisation.

Uncommon x Holistic Transitioning Instagram Live

Tom is a Psychotherapist and Performance coach and the founder of HT. He will kindly be hosting an Instagram Live session, directly from the Uncommon Instagram page. He’ll be discussing and sharing tips/resources on the ‘Lessons of Lockdown’ and how to integrate all that we’ve learned in the past year or so to better our wellbeing.

It will take place on Wednesday 23rd June at 2:30pm (30 minute live)

If you’d like to get to know Tom before joining the live session, we’ve conducted a mini-interview with him below where he opens up about his mental health journey and how Holistic Transitioning came to light.

Tell us a little bit about Holistic Transitioning and how your journey started

It’s been a wild ride. 

Three years ago my life was falling apart, I almost ended it. 

I was at Shoreditch High Street station; England were playing their first match of the Euros that day (strange anniversary for me recently).

Quick side story:

I’m feeling more energised and clear recently, in large part because a friend recently finished a big puzzle of mine – “why didn’t I jump that day?”. 

This friend told me that during a recent Ayahuasca ceremony he travelled back to a time where he felt very lost (a common experience on plant medicines). 

During the ceremony, connected to this younger version of himself, he repeats the same affirmation – keep going, things will get much better


I’m now sat on a beach in Costa Rica, just over three years on from that day in Shoreditch. I’m looking back and connecting the dots, realising that I needed that experience to wake up and get my life in order.

That’s how Holistic Transitioning got started. 

I decided to sort myself out and share how it was going. 

What kind of services/tools do you offer and how can they help individuals?

The team at HT are from a diverse academic and experiential background. We are made up of Psychotherapists, Coaches, and Learning & Development specialists. We have backgrounds in Neuroscience, Psychology, Cultural Theory and Philosophy. 

Our team integrates all these fields into practical corporate workshops, empowering training courses and company wide wellbeing programmes. 

Our goal is to provide people with the tools to transform everyday experiences into opportunities for self-actualisation. 

From our experience… wellbeing, meaning and purpose are natural by-products of this process.

How can people incorporate wellbeing into their daily lives in a simple yet effective way?

There are many ways. Most of them have value. 

For me, sustainable wellbeing starts with stripping away, not adding on-top.

Here is one that I do:

Every morning I remove the distractions and carve out some time for a meeting with just myself. You can schedule this into your diary if needed. 

Instead of being pulled into someone else’s agenda, or getting lost on social media, we can check-in with ourselves:

How am I feeling today?

What do I need right now?

What is the greatest expression of myself I can be today?

Clarity, Wisdom, true-Greatness. They all emerge from self-awareness. 

How has wellbeing shifted to fit the current circumstances of the pandemic and lockdown?

Outside of at-home yoga, park workouts and long walks?

It seems the broader public have been informed about (and woken up-to) good health being an everyday process. Wellbeing isn’t just events from time-to-time, it’s small activities interwoven throughout the day. 

Breaks between meetings, setting and maintaining boundaries, gentle movements… these are the little actions that need to be honoured and acted out consistently.

Any other information you’d like to share?

Hopefully see you at the IG live!

You can find Holistic Transitioning on Instagram and their website.