Avoid burnout at work with these wellbeing tips

Avoid burnout at work with these wellbeing tips

We all spend so much time at work that we should try to enjoy it and not let it get us down. Sure, we all have off days, but mostly we want to get in, get the job done, have a little satisfaction, and enjoy the environment and the people.

Research has shown that we feel better when our surroundings reflect our needs and Uncommon ensures all of this has been incorporated into the design of the workspaces. They are well lit, often flooded with daylight, while almost 1000 plants are dotted around to help purify the air and produce oxygen and provide a huge feel-good factor. The furnishings are all specially designed to help us work better and smarter – chairs help balance our posture while for those who prefer to think on their feet, there are always standing desks to choose from. Although there is a real sense of business throughout the workspaces, there is an accompanying sense of calm provided by the carefully curated playlists. To underline Uncommon’s focus on wellbeing, a programme of lectures, workshops and fitness classes are available each month, while Liverpool Street has just opened its own Well Studio with Peloton bikes and meditation pods.

Wellbeing at work, or at least the awareness of it, helps more than your health, it also adds to your productivity.  Here are just five simple ways you can help yourself, all of which can be done anywhere:

Stand up

We all sit too much, so stand up and move around – have the the odd stretch or a walk to the water cooler. Try it every 30 minutes or so. Or better yet, find a space where you can stand and work, rather than sit. You’ll feel alert and will be far more productive.

Take a deep breath

Breathe – properly. Most of us don’t. Just take a few minutes throughout the day to stop and concentrate on your breathing. Sitting or standing… breathe in through your nose for a count of four, hold for seven, breathe out through your lips for eight.

Get outside

Leave the building for a few minutes a couple of times during the day, even if it is only for a quick walk around the block. If there is a park or some green space nearby so much the better. Liverpool Street now has a roof terrace so if you’re working there, you don’t even need to leave the building.


Drink lots of water. Make sure that your water bottle (refillable, of course) is always at hand…dehydration makes you sluggish and unproductive.


Smile, talk to your neighbour, chat to the guy at the tube station. Human contact is vital for healthy, engaged minds and is great for business.

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