How flexible coworking spaces support wellbeing

A coworking space goes beyond just a workspace – especially at Uncommon.

Wellbeing is woven into every aspect of Uncommon. We ensure our members feel good about where and how they work; supporting their physical comfort and emotional wellness which helps boost efficiency and reduce stress overall.

“Research by the University of Michigan suggests that the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience are part of the reason people who cowork demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.”  SharedSpace

How does Uncommon support wellbeing?

Our recent Wellbeing Report draws research from leading experts and explores why wellbeing within the workplace is crucial. A huge 95% of members say that their workplace environment impacts their health and wellbeing – which is why we’ve embedded wellness into our ethos so deeply.

Our office design is unlike any other and goes beyond the aesthetics. Your body is supported with carefully selected ergonomic furniture so you’re as comfortable as possible. Biophilia is one of the key components; allowing you to escape the concrete jungle for a while to help you stay focused, breathe deeply and feel replenished overall. Over half of members believe the presence of plants in the office makes them less stressed (Uncommon Wellbeing Report, 2019). Sound, lighting and scents also conjoin to help lift your mood. 76% of members actually rate the natural light and communal spaces as the most important wellbeing offerings at Uncommon.

That being said, our wellness spaces encourage members to take time away from their desks and the daily grind to calm the mind and focus inward – away from the stresses of work. We have many areas at our spaces that can be hired for events or simply enjoyed by our members.

Our Well Studio at Uncommon Liverpool Street features Peloton Bikes, bespoke meditation pods and a roof terrace for fitness sessions or relaxing yoga classes. The breath-taking views of the London skyline alone will ground you. The Zen Studio at Uncommon Fulham is the ideal place to relax and it leads out to the private outdoor patio area. Simply unwind and bask in the tranquillity of being among nature.

Wherever you choose to work, there’ll be a space for you to stay grounded.

Events and Community

Events are a big part of wellbeing and really help bring the Uncommon community together. We host and promote an array of events every month – from fitness, yoga and healthy cookalong food classes, to networking sessions that build lasting connections.

“A study by Allwork finds physical and mental wellbeing are vital components of coworking, with the most requested amenities including yoga spaces and meditation rooms.”  Headspace Group

We’re always looking for creatives ventures and have recently steered into Instagram Live sessions to put a fun twist to online events that has us all Zoom fatigued.  We hosted a relaxing yoga session with a yoga instructor directly from our Borough Space, a Coffee Brewing Masterclass with our coffee provider and a cookalong with a fitness group. It’s an easily accessible way to try something new for personal development and take a moment out of your day to fill your wellness cup.

 Event Spaces at Uncommon

We offer unique and beautifully designed indoor and outdoor spaces that are bright, airy and flexible. Whether it’s to host a product launch, training session or workshop – look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Liverpool Street – An outdoor terrace with stunning views of the London skyline, a stylish and spacious café lounge, a fully functional kitchen and only a minute’s walk from Liverpool Street station – your event needs are covered at Uncommon Liverpool Street.

Fulham – A flexible Zen Studio, a private outdoor patio area, a contemporary and design-led café lounge, focused around a large indoor Ficus tree and only a four minute walk from Putney Bridge tube station.

Borough – A large outdoor roof terrace with fantastic views across London, a contemporary and bright café lounge, only a minute from Borough tube station and five minutes from London Bridge station.

Highbury & Islington – Host your event in our bright and spacious event space, with great design details, access to bar and presentation facilities and unique outdoor courtyard.

If you would like to partner up with us on wellbeing initiatives that you want to see come to life at Uncommon; or to simply organise a wellbeing related event, please email our Events Team. 

We want to see the Uncommon Community thrive.

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