Achieving mindfulness at work

While it may seem obvious that better wellbeing makes us happier and more productive, many of us regularly make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals – and prioritising mindfulness is often the first to go. Scientists now understand the cumulative negative effect the build-up of stress has on our physical and mental health; working harder does not always yield the best results, instead aim to work smarter and become more in tune with your body. In our recent wellness at work report, it states that “well people are productive people”, so we’ve put together a guide to help improve your wellbeing in the workplace.

Switch off

In an increasingly connected world, it’s important to find time for yourself and process how you are feeling. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for accepting the present moment and accepting your emotions, whether positive or negative. If you are unsure of where to start there are plenty of helpful apps available to teach you such as, Headspace. It’s important to find a space you feel comfortable to do this in, so at Uncommon work spaces we have installed private wellness pods, where members can lie back and work through a calming meditation programme when their day gets too much.

Let it out

Humans are not designed to stay in the same position all day, it’s important to move around, allowing our muscles to stretch and to stimulate the flow of oxygen around the body. The benefits of increased oxygen flow are well documented, it leads to mental clarity, reduced stress levels, prevents heart disease and eliminate toxins from the body. Uncommon’s Liverpool Street workspace has a specifically designed wellness floor, allowing our members to get up and sweat it out, with a host of yoga, spinning and HIIT sessions to enjoy. The physical and mental benefits of exercising are ideal in helping our bodies to re-centre and relax, allowing us to focus more intensely during our work time. If you don’t have space to exercise in the office, try walking or cycling to work, or see if your company can offer a discounted gym membership.

Embrace nature

Many of us have worked in an office space that lacks bright colours, natural light and plant life. We have an innate tendency to seek out connections with nature. If you are to visualise a space you find calming and peaceful, most of us picture a natural setting. Biophilic design (love of nature) incorporates elements of nature into the urban environment and have been proven to increase productivity, creativity and wellbeing. In our wellness report, 53% of our members said the presence of plants makes them less stressed, so we have designed our spaces with this philosophy in mind, installing over 2,000 living plants across all our spaces. Try adding plants to your desk or take a walk to your closest greenspace during lunch to gain the calming benefits. 

Energise your body

What we put into our bodies has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Eating better provides your body with more fuel for the day giving you more energy. In contrast eating unhealthily takes a physical toll on your body, leading to a lack of energy which can negatively impact your mental health. So, switch up crisps and chocolate – short term energy sources, for fruits and nuts that slowly release energy throughout the day. But also remember to be kind to yourself and get your favourite comforting lunch once a week.


If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness in the workplace, take a look at our November Events where you’ll find a range of health and wellbeing activities.