The power of scents to influence our moods is grossly undervalued in the modern world, especially in the workplace. Science is slowly coming to understand how certain smells can improve our creativity and productivity. But still cannot tell us why. While we do not know the reasons, we do know which scents can positively improve our mental states.

Let us take you through the best aromas for cultivating a calm, creative and productive workspace environment to work in.     

Frankincense lowers anxiety

Frankincense is earthy and warm. A gentle spiciness. Once rare and exotic, now a common scent. Used globally to bring tranquillity to living spaces.

The smell of frankincense has established anxiety-reducing properties. Inhaling this essential oil has been shown to reduce heart rates and lower blood pressure. Spicy, sustainable and soothing. A perfect scent to guide you to your calmest, most creative self.

Cinnamon improves memory

An ancient spice that has enriched the air of homes for centuries. The smell of cinnamon is unmistakable – an intense combination of sweet and spicy. A visceral connection between scent and stomach. 

It’s the essential oil of cinnamaldehyde that gives cinnamon it’s distinctive smell and taste. It’s also this organic compound that has proven to improve brain function and combat memory loss. A whiff of cinnamon has shown to increase attention spans, improve decision-making and result in a general enhancement of cognitive ability. Its familiar odour is perfect for easing you into a calm and creative state of mind. Its cognitive benefits will ensure you stay focused and lucid.  

Peppermint aids focus

Peppermint’s diverse properties have been used in food, medicine and aromatherapy. This natural stimulant has proven to increase concentration and boost energy levels. The cool freshness of peppermint can provide the necessary pick-me-up when your mind begins to stray.

An age-old remedy for blocked sinuses, peppermint will help to ease your thought stream as well as your airways. Commonly infused in tea, peppermint has shown to stimulate blood flow to the brain. Your mood will be elevated. Your senses rejuvenated. The essence of this vibrant herb is perfect for free thinking, especially in the fertile field of a brainstorming session.    

Apple reduces stress

The ubiquity of apples in our everyday lives has nurtured our intimate relationship with this biblical fruit. In fact, it’s not until the rich, natural odour of apples is baked or diffused in its oil form that we truly appreciate its complex aroma.

Our over-familiarity with the taste of apple often means it gets taken for granted. Its health benefits, however, cannot be ignored. Lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and easing anxiety. The smell of apples – especially those that have been spiced – has even shown to relieve migraines symptoms. The atavistic scent of apples encourages relaxation to keep your mind balanced. The perfect mind-set to let your imagination run free.   

Our minds and bodies are susceptible to the ever-changing flux of our hormones and emotions. Positive smells that trigger calm and comforting feelings are vital for nurturing productivity in our office spaces and workspace environments. Neglecting this rich source of inspiration may inhibit your journey to achieving your true creative potential.

At Uncommon, we don’t like inhibition. We remove the obstacles to creativity. Our workspaces are specifically designed to relax your body and stimulate your mind. Every area is adapted to promote mindfulness and nurture your ideas. Solitary booths for contemplation. Open spaces for collaboration. Soothing sound, lighting and scents blend together to create the optimum working environment.