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How wellness interiors improve your employee’s mood

Work can be the cause of stress and anxiety, but with appropriate wellness interior design, it can be a place where your employees can feel relaxed and comfortable, improving productivity and the number of sick days taken. The design elements of your office space can also boost your health and wellbeing. Here’s how Uncommon create wellness interiors that help improve members’ day to day moods. 

Natural daylight

It is encouraged that everyone needs Vitamin D and needs sunlight (as much as London offers); fresh air daily and there’s a good reason why. Sunlight increases our bodies’ production of endorphins and serotonin, the same chemicals that make us feel happy. It is crucial to allow as much natural daylight in offices as possible where most employees spend eight hours a day. At Uncommon every office has an abundance of natural daylight and outside access for those needing a breather. Uncommons’ wellness interiors focus on placing seating in positions receptive to natural light to allow members to absorb daylight throughout the workday, which is an instant way to keep members energised.

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The importance of being comfortable

What goes better with style than comfort? There’s nothing like burrowing into a comfy chair to make you feel relaxed and happy while surrounded by beautiful interior design. Ergonomic furniture is incredibly important to your health. Have you ever finished a day at work to notice your back hurts? Furniture should not only look great, but it should have you feeling supported. Looking after yourself is as much about how you sit as what you eat. Uncommon make sure that not only does the furniture look great, but the chairs are balanced for posture, standing desks to help you stretch and plenty of room to move around the space. Stop the slouch and get comfortable.

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Employees can feel blue when surrounded by the wrong colours 

It’s known that colour has an effect on people’s mood. Horror films are generally dark while romantic comedy films are bright often using pastel colours. Have you noticed how you feel walking into a bright colourful room compared to a dark dingy one? Different colours create different moods, yellow will bring vitality and creativity while pastel tones promote empowerment. Bold bright colours such tones of blue, pink and orange energise, while darker tones such as terracotta is a well-known relaxant, just like green, it invokes nature and organic materials with its earthy hue and encourages you to slow down.

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Biophilia cleans the air

Indoor pollution, which is caused by many things such as cleaning products, air fresheners and VOC’s (chemical gases emitted from furniture) can affect how people feel in an office. Plants not only remove indoor toxins, but they also look beautiful too. A building without greenery is just unnatural, plants create fresh air and make you happy, so the more the better. At least that’s what Uncommon thinks, with a roof terrace outside, plenty of pots inside. Creating a healthier workspace to be.

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