Flexible working is the new 9 to 5. In an age of mobile coworkers connected through technology, we can work when we want, where we want. A community of freelancers, creatives and on-the-go employees, each working in a way that suits them. 

Benefits of flexible working

With the invention of the World Wide Web, the Information Age began. By 2005, Apple was selling more laptops than desktops. Suddenly, how the office worked changed forever. Static offices and regular working hours started to become less and less common. Now, coworkers can work remotely from anywhere, at times that suit them through flexible working. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

And stretch  

Flexible working gives us freedom. Freedom to make time for what’s important. Time with the family. Relaxing with friends. Spending your weekends doing things you love. With flexitime working, you can make parents’ evening. Attend that birthday party. Go to your yoga class. Your work day fits in with your life. Not the other way around.

Calling all early birds and night owls

Great ideas happen when you can think clearly, not foggy-brained. Adjust your schedule to suit your workstyle. Early birds? Night owls? Mid-day achievers? Whenever you’re at your best, fit your work to suit you. Flexible working allows you to accomplish more and feel fresher doing it.

Avoid the rat race

We spend too much time waiting in traffic. Being caught up in rush hour. Stranded in train stations from delays. Choosing when you work means you can avoid being stuck on the way to work. More of your day can be spent productively. Not hopelessly looking at your watch. And when the trains aren’t running, you can work from home. No more time will be wasted from transport hiccups.   

Reduce employee burnout

Being able to break up workloads into manageable chunks prevents work overload. Avoid employee burnout by letting them choose when they work. Keep your teams’ minds fresh and focused. Let them feel in control over their own schedule and work environment. Improve how you work so you work better, not just harder.

Recruit the best

Flexible and remote working means location isn’t an issue. It doesn’t matter where potential employees are when they can work anywhere, at any time. Hire that amazing candidate. Headhunt that industry leader. Recruit outstanding employees. Flexitime makes it possible.

Wellbeing at its core

Encourage a healthier work-life balance. Family commitments aren’t seen as secondary. Personal fitness isn’t pushed to one side. Work doesn’t leak into valuable downtime. Flexible working makes your workplace a space that has wellbeing at its core. By looking after yourself, your brain works at its best. A healthy mind lets you tackle the hardest task head on. You won’t need to clear away the cobwebs, because when you feel good, you do good.

Why you need flexible coworking spaces

Coworking is growing. Today, London has become the coworking capital of the world, with coworking areas currently occupying 10.7 million square feet of office space. With more coworking spaces than New York, San Francisco and Berlin, London is leading the trend towards collaborative work spaces designed for remote and flexible workers.

As a business, coworking allows you to take your workspace to different locations to suit emerging needs and demands. Meet clients at convenient middle ground locations. Move team meetings to spaces that suit everyone. 

Be inspired by your surroundings

Flexible working allows us to work independently, but together. In coworking spaces, flexible workers who share common values can work with and alongside each other. Work around people you bounce off, not feel drained by. Be inspired by your surroundings. At Uncommon, we are leading the way in the new era of flexible working. Rent office space for an hour. Find a weekend workspace to beat the Monday slog.

Designed to boost work productivity and reduce stress, our spaces let you do your thing.

From day passes with no strings attached to dedicated desks and private offices perfect for city-wide companies and startups, Uncommon has memberships to suit all needs.