Types of flexible coworking space memberships at Uncommon

“To solve the workplace issues raised by COVID-19, enterprises large and small are looking to flexible workspace options — such as coworking spaces — to satisfy their teams, providing an alternative to working from home that still foregrounds health and safety. Already, large corporations such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Royal Bank of Canada, and Slack have adapted their operations to include flexible  coworking, granting employees the option to either work from home some of the time or work from a shared office that’s near their home.”Coworking Insights

With our times everchanging at such an accelerated rate, employees are finding themselves thinking more deeply about their wellbeing and how their way of working may no longer be as effective or adaptable to these times of change. Employers are also recognising that it’s not just about the way their employees are working, but how and where they are working is greatly impacting their performance. The days of the old office set-up are over and instead, business and entrepreneurs are seeking to work in places that stimulate them and spark creativity; both invaluable to the employees and the company.

At Uncommon, our spaces use the Activity Based Working method (ABW). This encourages individuals to carry out tasks in certain areas of a coworking space which have been designed specifically to support that particular activity. We have areas dedicated to collaborative working, phone booths for privacy and quieter areas to enhance concentration. There is much research to suggest that ABW can really help increase productivity and efficiency.

Our various memberships on offer at our four London locations support this Activity Based Working model. It gives people an opportunity to work in their chosen environment flexibly, comfortably and successfully.  Uncommon has done extensive research over many years to showcase the correlation between how workplace design can have an impact on wellness. What we have to offer to businesses and individuals alike is a way of working that fits their needs and boosts their overall satisfaction.

“We believe our role is to offer creative flexible co-working spaces located across four key sites in London, that have all been created to primarily help increase levels of productivity in a considered and thoughtful environment to boost creativity, making it the perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who wants to experience a fresh, natural and encouraging approach to day to day work life.” – Chris Davies, CEO of Uncommon

Our flexible co-working space memberships

Day Passes

Uncommon Borough Coworking Space

Day Passes are the simplest and most flexible solution to those that are looking for something that has no strings attached. Yet, you’ll still be receiving all the benefits of an Uncommon membership. You pay per day, for as many days as you need. It’s the perfect match for those that freelance, do a lot of creative work and collaborative projects. 

You are free to roam around in the communal area and find the best spot that works for you, like the sofas or high chairs. You can access the Uncommon café for the best artisan coffee and fuel yourself with healthy snacks or lovely breakfast.

Weekend Passes

Uncommon Borough Coworking Space Reception

The same concept as our Day Passes but with a twist. You can book your chosen weekend in advance and make use of the spaces when they are at their quietest. It’s perfect for weekend workers and moonlighting creatives. Whilst the café isn’t in operation on weekends, the Honesty Bar is available to you at our coffee lounge. Why not enjoy a range of nutritious snacks and cold drinks?

If you have any special requirements, please contact the site Team by 4pm on Friday proceeding your booking, as some of our services might be limited during weekends.

Hot Desk

Uncommon Borough Coworking Space Hot Desk

If you really love spending time in our spaces, then a hot desk membership will be perfect for you. There’s plenty to discover and stimulate your senses with new environments and areas to work. 

The great thing is that you do not need to plan ahead – just call in, find a seat and get to work. You share the workspaces with like minded people such as fellow freelancers, part-timers, flexible workers and those on the move.

Dedicated Desk

Uncommon Borough Coworking Space Dedicated Desk Area

Dedicated desks are a more grounding solution to those that are seeking a permanent desk space, seven days a week. It’s the perfect set-up for those that want to have a base. Whether you are an individual requiring a single desk, or a small team that need several desks together. It’s a favourable choice among smaller agencies, start-ups or freelancers that want to have some privacy and their own space.

Whilst having a dedicated desk, you can also make use of our communal areas like the coffee lounge, quiet zones, meeting rooms or outdoor areas.

Private Office

Uncommon Borough Coworking Space Private Office

Private Offices are the all inclusive solution for those that want to commit to having a space of their own. Our experienced team can also help you to set up your office down to fit your exact requirements – an answer to all your bespoke needs. You will have access to the building 24/7, members portal for all of your admin requirements, all utilities, manned reception, the coffee lounge and all Activity Based Working areas. 

Another great benefit is that you can access complimentary members events, such as weekly yoga and fitness classes, as well as access to virtual webinars. Why not take the plunge with your team and go all in?

Get in touch if you would like to book a tour, learn more about our spaces or want a membership with us. 

Uncommon takes pride in helping businesses thrive. Our workspaces are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about where and how you work. Visit our locations in Borough, Highbury & Islington, Fulham, and Liverpool Street to experience our unique vision of working life across London.