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How coworking spaces help improve your productivity

The question of working environment and productivity has been hotly debated over the past few years as more and more of us have had the opportunity to work from home. However, home working simply isn’t feasible for everyone. As Forbes points out, home working is often interrupted by family members or other distractions that can […]

Why return to the office in 2022?

“Operators have a responsibility to create an environment where professionals can be just as productive working in a coworking space as they do at home. So what should this include? To create a truly distraction-free coworking space, operators should incorporate private offices, sound-proof technology, designated collaboration rooms, and hospitable amenities. Not only does this create […]

Why Uncommon coworking spaces will become more common

The arrival of Generation Z (Gen Z) into the post-pandemic office’s has heralded a new form of workplace. Sustainability and wellness are the expectations for the workplace from it’s newest entrants.  Here we explore how Gen-Z are weaving their way into coworking spaces and why. How coworking spaces have been catering to Gen-z post pandemic […]