MobFit Guest Blog: 3 tips to have a fit winter

MobFit are all about improving the health and happiness of office workers. Join them at one of their weekly fitness classes at Uncommon work spaces to get energised and pumped for the rest of your day. Free for Uncommon members. Book via your front of house team. The days are getting shorter, the weather is […]

An exercise plan for work-a-holics

Staying active and healthy can be hard. Maintaining a sufficient level of activity whilst working a full time job, trying to manage your weight, while predominantly sat at your desk, can pretty much feel impossible at times. The best workout plan is the one you are able to stick to. This involves setting a realistic […]

Stretch your way to success

As the world slowly awakens to the benefits of mindfulness, exciting new ways of increasing productivity are being embraced by both employers and employees alike. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of ‘corporate yoga’ in big cities yearning for some collective respite from the stress of modern working life. But is […]