“Operators have a responsibility to create an environment where professionals can be just as productive working in a coworking space as they do at home. So what should this include? To create a truly distraction-free coworking space, operators should incorporate private offices, sound-proof technology, designated collaboration rooms, and hospitable amenities. Not only does this create an atmosphere prime for productivity, but it offers more than the average office lease.” –  All Work

The office is no longer a place to sit at your desk for 8+ hours a day. The pandemic has shone a light on a new and more adaptable way of working. One that fits around our personal lives and career goals, achieving the optimum work-life balance. Flexible workspaces and private offices are the new norm, and we at Uncommon know this area best.

Why return to the office?

In today’s fast-paced environment, particularly following the pandemic, we have all had to adapt so quickly to new ways of working. Having a productive surrounding for work is paramount in order to work well and deliver results – this means no distractions or disruptions. This wasn’t the case when having to work from home during many lockdowns, with the lines blurred between home and work life and ultimately disrupting our overall wellness. Office environments are essential to create a sense of community and build stronger relationships with colleagues and work collaboratively together, resulting in better work performance and happier employees.

In this post, we will explore why returning to the office in 2022 will be the new normal and how you and your team can thrive in a physical workspace.

Workspace agility: why choose a coworking space for your private office set-up

“More people than ever choosing flexible office/coworking spaces over other types of work environments, and the numbers show that there are huge benefits for these workers. Professionals who co-work are more productive, have larger business and social networks, and are seeing increased rates of creativity and collaboration on projects.”Shared Space

Being in dynamic working environment ensures that teams are using the space to collaborate effectively and therefore, are performing well. Here are a few ways in which Uncommon provides teams with offices and shared coworking spaces that meet your needs and beyond.

Open plan areas for collaboration

The workspace should be open and transparent so agile teams can easily communicate their needs and locate one another when necessary. Our communal lounges is for whenever you need to hot-desk, have a coffee from our café, a one-on-one chat with a colleague or simply for a break. The informal open plan is fit for any purpose.

Privacy zones, phone booths and hot desks for quiet time

Every workspace should have flexible spaces or rooms where team members can go to avoid distractions and get work done in a productive way. We have many quiet zone areas that are private, so that you can get the most out of your day ahead. There are phone booths which are soundproof for when you need to narrow and enhance your focus.

Different sized meeting rooms

We have various sized meeting rooms with different facilities, to suit whatever requirements you may have. For example, a larger boardroom is useful for meetings with clients, while small conference rooms are conducive to creative brainstorming sessions. You can book any of our meeting rooms here.

Private company office spaces

Enjoy your own space with even more added flexibility. We have bespoke services for you to really make the space your own. Whether it’s unique furniture, a wall fitting, extra decorations and so on, we can accommodate to exactly what you’re after. We care about how and where you work, so we’re always open to discuss your requirements. Having a private office membership with us means that you also have full benefits for the rest of the building – such as rooftop access, free fitness classes, members events, workshops, hot desking and much more.

You’ll also find each floor of every private office to have mini breakout areas, for those one-to-one informal chats/lunches. There are also kitchenettes, stocked with everything you’ll need all in one place without having to worry.

Think of it like your second home, and your office is an extension carrying the same elements of comfort but with added productivity and wellness.

Get in touch with our Sales Team to book a tour or if you’d to discuss your office requirements.