How coworking spaces help improve your productivity

The question of working environment and productivity has been hotly debated over the past few years as more and more of us have had the opportunity to work from home.

However, home working simply isn’t feasible for everyone. As Forbes points out, home working is often interrupted by family members or other distractions that can derail our best intentions for getting work done.

For this reason, a lot of us look forward to getting back into the office.

But what about the third option: co-working spaces? As more and more of them pop up, the question becomes: how do coworking spaces improve productivity?

Flexibility to work when and how you like

According to Psychology Today, everyone has their own productivity style, which means that there is no such thing as the perfect working environment for productivity: it depends on the individual.

That’s why a co-working space can be ideal for helping you to be more productive, as they often have lots of different areas and spaces designed to suit any mood or task. Hire a single desk, a meeting room, or even work from a pod or sofa.

Being able to adapt your working environment to your energy, and the type of task you’re working on, has many benefits to productivity – especially if you’re working on something creative or that requires a lot of focus.

It’s not always easy to do this in a traditional office or even from home, so working from a coworking space that’s designed to offer these benefits to members is the perfect solution.

Uncommon Liverpool Street Meeting Room

Coworking spaces make all aspects of work meaningful

Another key part of increasing productivity is to feel that the work you are doing is meaningful, and this comes in many forms. For some, it’s about community and networking. For others, it’s about the impact of the work you’re doing and the way you do it.

Coworking spaces tick both of these boxes. Unlike your traditional office, coworking spaces allow you to build relationships with other members who aren’t part of your organisation. You have the opportunity to chat over coffee and collaborate on projects so that you can share expertise.

Most coworking spaces also have a social mission that they’re committed to achieving. For example, our mission here at Uncommon is to create truly sustainable environments for our members, team, and partners to thrive in. We do this by committing to:

  • improve our climate impact
  • work in more sustainable buildings
  • collaborate with ethical suppliers
  • promote diversity, opportunities and the wellbeing of our people
  • support our members to create a positive impact.

When the space you’re working in aligns with your own values and goals, you can feel much more satisfied that you’re doing your bit to create a better world through all aspects of your work.

Coworking spaces promote mental and physical wellbeing

When it comes to productivity at work, it’s not just the work that we need to consider. Productivity also rests on your mental and physical wellbeing, since if you’re not feeling good in yourself, you won’t be able to produce your best work.

Coworking spaces are often better equipped than traditional offices to address this point. They’re so much more than simply a collection of desks and coffee machines. Here at Uncommon, we take the mental and physical wellbeing of our members very seriously, and strive to create an environment that will allow them to be the best they can be.

We’ve created wellness areas to support you in staying healthy, featuring peloton bikes, meditation zones, and even complimentary fitness classes.

Our roof terrace means there’s plenty of opportunity to get some fresh air and Vitamin D throughout the day.

We’ve also embraced biophilic design – meaning we bring as much nature as possible inside to help you feel refreshed and calm – because studies have shown that having more plants in the office increases productivity and improves employee wellbeing.

Are you looking for a coworking space to increase your productivity?

We believe that coworking spaces like ours are solving the problems so often encountered by traditional office spaces and home working so that everyone can thrive at work.

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