What is a flexible workspace: 5 ways it will benefit your growing startup

As a startup, you will need to make tough decisions with limited resources. One decision is whether or not to rent an office space for your team. It can be difficult to justify the cost of renting when there are other expenses that come up during the early days of starting a company. However, if you have flexibility in where, when and how your employees work, it can relieve financial and spatial stress. In this article we will discuss 5 of the primary reasons that choosing a flexible workspace for your startup could be the best decision you make in 2022.

What is flexible workspace?

So, what is a flexible workspace? Flexible workspaces are designed to allow variety and adaptability in the way that people work. They provide a range of amenities and environments, allowing workers to choose their work-style depending on the tasks at hand. They are often the choice of startups thanks to the sheer range of work that is carried out by individual members of the team.

“The way we use the office has fundamentally changed. It’s now a place for collaboration and sharing. Inspiration and events. Training, meetings, and moments of focus. And this has massively accelerated the tenant requirement for increased flexibility, amenity, service and cost efficiency. You still need an office – you just need to rethink how you use it.” X and Why

Adaptable furniture + space is a key feature of flexible workspace

The first benefit of a flexible workspace is the ability to easily reconfigure your office as you grow, which can make planning and adjusting to difficult tasks much simpler. Whether it’s a meeting room, coffee shop or standing desk that you need, flexible workspaces like Uncommon have it all.

Pay only for what you use

One of the biggest difficulties in a startup is budget. Whether you’re working on seed investment or bootstrapping, saving is key. As a result, paying for large areas of office space that don’t get used creates a serious lump in the throat for founders. This is solved in flexible workspaces, as you only pay for what you will use. At Uncommon, we are very flexible in our offerings and provide price solutions tailored around the individual needs of your business.

Lease style + length is extremely versatile

With flexible workspaces, you don’t need to be worried about committing to a long term lease. One of the key characteristics of a startup is the continuous growth. Outgrowing offices is, as a result, a massive problem. What started as a simple expense could easily become a huge liability. Flexible workspaces provide plenty of opportunities for growth, whether it’s a short term fix until a larger office becomes available, or as a long-term solution. This also allows teams to move around, or work in multiple locations at once. Our different Uncommon locations around London provide you with this flexibility. Whether you start as a team of 2 or 10 and want to expand, then we can make sure you find the best suitable office solution to meet your needs.

Great for networking

Having access to new people and ideas helps keep things fresh and innovative. Flexible workspaces are a sure-fire way to meet people with similar ideas, goals and experiences. Whether this leads to new business opportunities or just friendships, there is definitely an argument that the collaborative aspect of flexible workspaces is their single biggest advantage. At Uncommon, we regularly promote a variety of events; from business workshops and seminars, to fitness classes and food/drinks gatherings. 

The success of flexible workspaces depends on YOU

Whether you’re hot-desking or renting an office space, you’re the ones determining success. The organisers of the spaces are there to provide as much value as possible for their members. The more value they provide, the more productivity for businesses. It’s a perfect mutual relationship and goes some way to explaining the success of flexible workspaces in recent times. At Uncommon, with our concierge reception service and very hospitable front of house team, we are always there to support.

“Employees want spaces that facilitate a good work/life balance so providing spaces for wellbeing is important. As is creating a collaborative environment, offering flexible working facilities and providing a fun and inspiring space to work in.”HR Magazine

So, are flexible workspaces actually productive for startups?

Flexible workspaces provide you with both a versatile but also nurturing environment for you and your team. There are quieter zones where you can focus but also communal areas where you can brainstorm and have coffee with your fellow colleagues. Not only is being a part of a startup fresh and exciting, workspaces like Uncommon act as a hub for these innovative minds to come together and work effectively. You’ll be sure to reap the benefits of this stimulating way of working that will have a positive impact on your startup in the long run.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to visit one of our spaces. We can’t wait to show you around.