5 essentials for a happy desk space

That old adage that a ‘tidy desk at your office space shows a tidy mind’ has never been more appropriate than when you opt for a co-working space. You can leave yourself and all your good and bad habits open for all to see. There are some of us who can make any space look like an unmade bed after five minutes, which is fine if you work on your own and have meetings elsewhere, but not so good if it’s there for an entire office to see all day long.

Here our 5 essentials for your desk space that can make your everyday work life that little bit easier:

Reusable coffee cup & water bottle

There’ll be cups and glasses for you at Uncommon, but if you need to take your liquids with you on the go then these are essentials! Try a sustainably farmed bamboo and stainless steel water bottle by WAKEcup or a travel tumbler by 24 Bottles.


Although Uncommon has a selection of carefully curated playlists and sounds to help focus, relax or stimulate, sometimes we all need our own sounds. This is one of the perks of working in a creative coworking space. There are times when all we need is complete silence for extra concentration, so a pair of headphones is a must.

Biodegradable cleaning wipes

Just a small packet so that you can make sure that your space, laptop, keyboard, mouse etc. are always looking spick and span. Also useful for any spills or leaks – although please do ask your Uncommon front of house team if you need any help!

Something to put a smile on your face

It may be a small picture of a partner, your dog, or a cartoon… whatever it is, a little reminder of something in your life that’ll put a smile on your face will be sure to cheer up any desk space.

A notepad

We know you’ll be working away on your laptop, but jotting down ideas, messages, thoughts on a notepad can be very useful. You’ll also be able to find them months later and could stumble across ideas you had forgotten about or not explored fully.