Workplace wellness routine at Uncommon Fulham

With the rising awareness over the importance of workplace wellness, and new flexible working being one of the most appealing points on a job description – office café’s and ‘on the go’ lunches are becoming more and more diverse with a variety of options to choose from. Whilst more and more wellness hubs and fitness studios are adding ‘lunchtime classes’ such as yoga to centre the mind or a kickbox to kick the Monday blues, there are more and more options for busy individuals to squeeze the sense of wellness into their day.

Uncommon are pioneers in creating a design-led and creative environment that companies, freelancers and teams are able to plan their day in to thrive. So, what’s the routine for optimal productivity whilst still ensuring the balance of wellness?

Nutritional Therapist, Eleanor Hoath gives us the low down into her strategy days spent at Uncommon Fulham.

Here is Eleanor’s workplace wellness routine at Uncommon Fulham

7am – Morning walk for #greentimebeforescreentime.

The first thing I do in the morning to set myself up for the day is get outside into the fresh air. This can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour, creating the right balance of fresh air before I sit at my laptop is SO important. I get back and get ready to head to Uncommon for a day of client strategy and programme planning. Working for myself can often mean I miss that feeling of community in an office space, the buzz of the community and the buzz of the corporate world.

9am – Breakfast and my morning matcha.

As I scan into the Uncommon building, I also open up the Uncommon app to pre-order my nourishing breakfast . I tend to swap between the Smashed Avocado on Sourdough or Almond Butter on toast. Starting the day with a high protein breakfast always makes sure I can remain concentrated through my morning calls. I love that when I am at Uncommon I can find a quiet corner amongst the green plants and stylish tones of the workspace to drink my matcha and get started on my emails for the day.

Matcha latte from the cafe

12pm – Time for Yoga.

Having the access to the Zen Studio is a BLESSING after a morning of calls. It allows me to refocus and move my body. Uncommon have a variety of incredible classes and teachers for if you want to opt for a Yoga Flow or I can simply stretch it out by myself if the zen studio is free for me to use. I’ll then jump in the shower (which uncommon have on site) and enjoy the truly luxurious bath and body products and head back to the café to choose my lunch.

1pm – Lunch time.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I like to go for something nourishing and balanced but still feel like I’m enjoying a fulfilling meal, it’s always the Mediterranean salad for me! I always aim to move away from the screen to enjoy my lunch, which is why when the sun is shining I’ll take my salad to the Zen Garden to take in the views of the stunning location in Parsons Green.

4pm – Snack and Tea time.

The café of Uncommon always tends to tempt me with something delicious. From a variety of freshly baked goods or the option of abundance of snacks too, I can grab a bag of nuts, some nutritionist approved crisps or even a can of Kombucha before filling my tea pot with a hot water and an organic peppermint tea bag (another complimentary perk to all uncommon guests and members) to see me through the afternoon.

6pm – Socialisation.

Working for yourself or alone in a workspace can feel isolating, which is why Uncommon is my choice to be surrounded by similar working individuals. The members zone and lounges give you the opportunity to connect and network with those around you as the members lounge becomes and place to socialise. Enjoy a glass of something special – be that a wine or kombucha, you never know who you’ll be connecting with . Uncommon also hosts a variety of monthly events such as ‘after hours’ drinks, breakfast networking sessions and tea times – which are great opportunities for those in the building to step away from the desk and make new and great connections.

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