What makes Uncommon the best coworking space in South West London?

South West London is becoming populated with the new generation of business owners, young entrepreneurs and freelancers. Boroughs such as Fulham, Chelsea, Battersea and Wandsworth are habited by creatives and self-employed workers looking for somewhere for their inspirational flare to come to light, whilst also establishing that ever-so important work-life balance.
We’re over working from home, and with the cost of living increasing – the cost of working from home is too. That’s where Uncommon Fulham comes in.

Situated in the heart Parsons Green, the sleek and energetic co-working space provides the perfect balance between ‘working from home’ and the all important interaction of community in the office. With a variety of membership offers there to cater for you or your companies needs. Whether that be a co-working space to meet a client of a meeting room for your weekly team check-in.

Here are the ways in which Uncommon Fulham is the best coworking space in South West London.


Research has shown that the environment that you work in has the one of the most profound impacts on your productivity. Enriched with green plants, pink interiors and stylish tones of purple and warming orange, the entire ‘office’ ignites your creative fire whilst the famous ‘uncommon’ aroma is diffused through the building calming and tranquilising away the stresses of the day. Gone are the days of stark office lighting and back ache from ‘that chair at my desk’ – as Uncommon uses tonal orange lights with a variety of chair types so you can set yourself up for that all important zoom call or relax on the sofa finalising your emails for the day. Not to mention luxurious feeling meeting rooms that make the perfect environment to secure and finalise that project.

Food and Drink:

We are gathering more and more understanding of the importance of our nutrition and understanding how we eat, ultimately affects our productivity throughout the day. We all know that feeling of the ‘afternoon slump’ & are becoming more aware of HOW we can avoid it all whilst optimising our brain function to feel on top of our tasks, all day.

Uncommon Fulhams’ onsite café has a variety of ‘quick snacks’ all the way through to your lunchtime avocado toast (which has been shown to support your blood sugar to beat that slump). If you fancy getting some fresh air mid day, Uncommon Fulham is situated just a short walk to Kings Road and Parsons Green, providing an endless array of independent cafes such as Hallys, Ellas, and Koji as well as some of your ‘on the go favourites’ such as Joe and the Juice or Pret a Manger.

Wellness, Focus & Community:

The last few years have truly shown us the importance of supporting our work-life balance, our mental health and our physical health. Uncommon Fulham places that at the true heart of their design. Being able to take a moment outside for yourself between calls in the Zen Garden, whether that be through a lunchtime yoga flow or just looking out into the beautifully placed green space of the plants to ground and recentre.

Start the day early, in the best way with complimentary yoga classes timetabled throughout the week with some of London’s leading trainers. A regular yoga stetch to welcome a Tuesday and Thursday to perfectly break up the week. Kickbox your way into Monday and end the week with some slow and mindful yoga.

If it’s downtime with the team you’re looking for – then opting for connecting with new people in the members lounge might be your choice on a Friday afternoon. Uncommon Fulham also offer a variety of members events, where you can connect with likeminded people and network in the area.

To conclude – Uncommon Fulham is a go to choice for a day of concentration, when there’s a never ending list of tasks to complete and jobs to be done. But whilst being able to sit in the focus zones to hone in on tasks, the hustle and bustle of like-minded people makes the day-to-day tasks that little bit more exciting. For freelancers, and for businesses too.

Event Space Hire

You can actually hire our stunning areas such as the communal lounge, garden or Zen Studio for your event. Email our events team for more information: [email protected]

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