Stay wise – digitalise

Goodbye ‘organised mess’ – hello bright, clear thinking space. The days of paper piles and cluttered filing cabinets are over. Save physical space in your office by going paperless. Find files more easily, boost workplace productivity and save the environment. In this article we discuss the advantages of digitalising files and maintaining a minimalist office.

Boost productivity

Clear away physical files and leave more headspace to think. Digital systems have search functions which make locating specific documents quicker and easier. No rifling through reams of paper. Using digital document management software enables you to find what you need whenever you need it. Keeping tabs on documents and implementing comprehensive filing systems can be overwhelming. When files you need are with you with a click of a button, you’re in control. And this creates a calm and positive mindset.

Retain information

We condone fresh ideas and new approaches but we don’t condone breaking laws. Recite the words ‘data protection’ and ‘document storage’ and you get eyes rolling (or closing) left, right and centre. But the fact remains that some documents need to be stored securely for legal reasons. Set up a secure digital system and remain compliant with legal regulations with ease.

Storing secret or sensitive information securely in its physical form costs money and space. Going paperless on the other hand, can provide security for free. Add passwords and security questions to online portals and business documents to keep sensitive and confidential data safe. And that’s not all – unlike paper systems this method of storing information is immune to physical damage by water and fire damage. And all of this with zero office space required, just space in the cloud…whatever that is.

Reduce carbon footprint

Digital files are more eco friendly than paper. Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust saved around 60,000 sheets of paper in a year by adopting a paperless meeting environment. That’s a lot of trees, and we like trees. Go paper free, help the environment and save time and money on resources too. Share memos and meeting notes with the whole team in one swift email. No need for everyone to take notes. Keep a clean and minimalist workspace and become a more sustainable business. We think digitialising wherever possible is the way forward.

Simplify office moves

We accumulate a lot of unnecessary items when based in one place. Information packs, legal agreements, project plans and receipts are hard to throw away but we run out of space and brain power to store and organise everything. Don’t battle with boxes of things you might or might not need. The wondrous ‘cloud’ method of data storage can move with you wherever you go.

Organise as you go: scan and upload safely into your Google Drive or Apple Cloud. Digitalised documents can also be accessed from anywhere which makes working from home easier and more feasible. This provides employees with flexible work patterns and a healthy work life balance that ultimately benefits the company overall. Get on top of storage if you’re a new business looking to grow. This way you can move into larger offices quickly and easily.

When your business is growing, office moves are a sign of success. Enjoy and celebrate every success by rewarding yourself with a smooth, swift move from one office to the next. The digitalised office is a Godsend to coworkers. Workers can work where they want, when they want, and businesses can move from one coworking space to another whenever they want.

Great workspaces foster great ideas and great ideas build great businesses. Uncommon design coworking spaces that make you feel good so that you do better. With flexible memberships we support businesses whether they’re upscaling or downsizing. Whether it’s just you and your big idea or a big team with lots of ambition, find your ideal coworking space with Uncommon.