Sound business sense: the best work playlists

All of our workspaces at Uncommon have been specifically designed to help you not just to work better, but to work smarter. So many of the decisions you would need to make to help you focus on the work you have to do, have been made by the Uncommon – from the height of the desk, to the design of the ergonomically perfect chairs, to the light and the space. There are also hundreds of plants to not only make the place look great, but help you feel great by helping purify the air.

Sound also plays a vital role. Just because a place sounds busy doesn’t mean anything’s getting done. You need to hear yourself think. Uncommon provides office spaces that sound as good as they look, with specially curated playlists for all areas.

However, shutting yourself off with a pair of headphones can have a powerful and beneficial effect on the brain…and sometimes its much needed if you have a deadline to stick to. The great thing about music is that it can calm us, relax us, pump us up or help release our creativity.  All you have to do is find the playlist that will help you achieve what you want.

So, if you do find yourself in need of blocking out unwanted noise at work, try these for effect; they are part of the Spotify collection of best playlists for work:

Brain Food

Will help rev you up with its variety of great electronic favourites.

Classical Focus

Over thirty years ago scientists discovered what they deemed the ‘Mozart effect,’ or how listening to classical music enhanced our concentration and focus. This playlist offers something for everyone from Beethoven to Bach and Mozart to Chopin to keep the mind on the task in hand.

Nature Noise

Nature Noise is for those for whom the sounds of nature from birdsong to crashing waves will help to keep us focussed as well as help soothe and calm. It’ll make you forget you’re in an office in London.

Morning Commute

The easiest way to leave the weekend behind and start the week…listen on your way into Uncommon workspaces and you will be ready to roll by the time you arrive.

Feel Good Friday

This is not the playlist for winding down, but a great selection of up-beat tracks to keep you motivated, energetic and on track.

We have curated our own Spotify Playlist to give you all the serene Uncommon vibes, right in your pocket.