Meeting Rooms at Uncommon: Flexible coworking

“Connecting with new people for business pitches and holding business meetings is the part and parcel of being a business leader or a budding entrepreneur.” – SmartWorks Office

Meeting rooms provide an excellent opportunity to bring teams together. They help to facilitate a creative environment to bounce ideas from each other, brainstorm, present and put forth pitches; an integral part to any business. At Uncommon, not only do we provide various facilities like the communal areas, but we have flexible meeting room options for those that need their own private space.

It’s crucial for people to have the flexibility to change their environment as and when they please; whether it’s for a team or solo project. This is why design is inherent to Uncommon. A change of scenery and working in specific areas for certain tasks can have an impact on the way you think and work. We refer to this as activity-based working. It’s a way to not only enjoy different work areas, but to make the most of the experience by stimulating your senses and fine-tuning to your surroundings.

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your meeting, we have a variety of flexible, beautifully designed spaces for 4 to 40 people available to hire. Our rooms are fully equipped with full presentation facilities and we can offer a range of catering options to suit the needs of your team or guests. Our facilities range from videoconferencing, aircon, conference phones, WiFi, whiteboards, catering, natural lighting and screens.

Given the new way of working due to the pandemic, we know Zoom calls will be here to stay – even after lockdown is over. We took initiative recently as we wanted to improve our members’ experience. We’ve decided to fill all of our meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities. This means that any Teams calls will be smooth, effective and ensures the best quality for our members and guests on calls.

Meeting rooms are a great way for those who are not fully ready to integrate and have a full office set-up. Bringing your remote team together for in-person meetings can be a great way to build up to feeling comfortable prior to committing to a full time office space.


“Holding old-fashioned meetings are not the only way to use modern meeting rooms. You can use the rooms to host events that create value for your coworking company and your community members.” – Coworking resources

Borough features 5 meeting rooms. The largest meeting room, known as the Board Room is the most spacious offering and it has a really flexible set-up. It’s great for larger meetings, small events and it can be partitioned to form a smaller meeting room area; perfect for workshops or private one on one sessions.


Fulham features 3 meeting rooms, all with a sleek and contemporary feel. The smallest capacity is 6 people, and the largest is 14. Not only are they used for calls, but we have had members conducting photoshoots and even having private lunches.


Highbury featured 4 meeting rooms in total. 3 of those meeting rooms hold a capacity of 8-10, and the smallest holds 6. The aesthetic of the rooms is quirkier with a pop of colour yet a minimal feel, making it bright and modern.

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street features 6 key meeting rooms. What we have on offer ranges from a cosy 2 person private room; which are great for interviews or confidential meetings, up to a 22 person board room which are fully flexible to suit any occasion.

Catering at Uncommon

We have various catering options depending on your specific requirements. We provide a range of various breakfasts, lunches, beverages and snacks. With sustainability in mind, we tend to work with local suppliers and independent brands we partner with, so you can expect food that is seasonal & made on a day. We are able to provide allergen information upon request and should you have any dietary requirements, our food and beverage staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Uncommon members: please book meeting rooms via the portal.

Non members (and members) can book any of the meeting rooms here.