Design elements at Uncommon coworking spaces to stir the senses

“Ultimately, if you are paying to work from a shared office space, then you are looking for an environment that will help you become more successful in your work. A huge part of what will propel you to success is a space with the right personality.” – Area Works

One of the most common feedback we get from our members and visitors is the quality of our design. We are able to weave complimentary elements together to create this unique and intricate design experience.

Here we explore how design elements are a key part of the experience at Uncommon Spaces.

Here are our key focus areas for our Design


It doesn’t just support the physical body, but overall wellness too. With a range of furniture, from highchairs to low chairs, desk chairs to swing chairs and standing desks – the list goes on. Everything has been carefully selected to help posture and give people room to freely move and therefore feel comfortable throughout the working day.


You’ll see an abundance of plants at every corner you look. Each space is surrounded with greenery not just for the aesthetics, but to purify the air; helping to harness deep breath for better concentration. It naturally keeps people happier and feeling replenished throughout their working day.


We have bespoke playlists playing in the background; curated with specific tracks to fit different times of the day and boost your work and mood.


Our spaces are well-lit with windows and natural lighting encapsulating every area to help you see and think clearly. 

Each of our spaces it’s own unique colour palette and design elements that allow its personality to shine through:


An urban jungle. Everywhere you look you’ll see plants. The Borough space is our most vibrant and creative, featuring various green tones; symbolising growth, nature, the environment, freshness, balance and harmony.


Fulham gives you a very elegant and contemporary edge. Filled with golden and chic accents with pastel tones of muted lilacs and pale pinks; symbolic of elegance, love, softness, brightness and charm.

Liverpool Street:

Being right in the heart of the city’s business and financial district, Liverpool Steet will give you a very enthusing energy; matching the hustle and bustle of the area. Featuring stunning copper tones and stylish navy and orange details; symbolic of inspiration, expansiveness, determination, stimulation, success and warmth.

Highbury & Islington:

Highbury is tucked within the beautiful residential area surrounded by nature and parks, which we bring this tight-knit community feel to the indoors. It has a an artistic and industrial edge, with a lot of the furnishings and accessories being more casual compared to our other spaces. You’ll see an abundance of blue and green everywhere, symbolic of relaxation, serenity, cosiness, welcoming, homey, cheerful and mellow.

Outdoor spaces at Uncommon

You’ll find stunning outdoor spaces at all of our spaces. Borough and Liverpool Street both have a bright and airy rooftop, with table seating as well as lounge chairs for the ultimate comfort. Fulham features an outdoor zen garden which is surrounded by greenery and a sleek outdoor seating set-up, for when you want to relax and hideaway. Highbury is the cosiest of them all, with a small tucked away patio; perfect for a quick breath of fresh air.

If you’d like to experience the spaces for yourself, get in touch with our Sales Team to book a tour.