Uncommon Women: Celebrating International Women’s Day

You won’t notice us. But we’re always here in the background. Making sure you have everything you need. Helping you focus. Calmly supporting the every day. Uncommon People is a series to introduce you to the people who help make Uncommon thrive each and every day. Get to know us…

In honour of International Women’s Day 2021, we are celebrating all of the incredible women at Uncommon.

We asked them what advice they would give to those that may be considering a similar job role. Here’s what they have to say:

Hayley, Client Experience Manager

“Remember to have customer service at the heart of everything you do and have empathy. Be organised – unexpected situations do happen and could turn your day inside out. In those situations you need to be able to prioritise your actions and use your time efficiently.”

Isabella, Client Experience Assistant

“Don’t worry too much about planning every moment of your day –  you definitely need to be open to the fact that plans change and you need to act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to always be learning!”

Hana, Client Experience Assistant

“Be curious and to listen. Before working at Uncommon I knew little about the workspace industry, but from my first day I made a real effort to ask questions and learn, and it really worked the magic! So be curious, show people you’re eager to learn and always do your best to retain the information.”

Naomi, General Manager

“You will need to have interest in exploring different areas of the business, you need passion, you need to be motivated, emphatic and be a very good team player.”

We invite you to honour International Women’s Day with us by attending one of our upcoming events, and championing all of the women in your company, workplace and lives.