Uncommon People: Naomi Otal

You won’t notice us. But we’re always here in the background. Making sure you have everything you need. Helping you focus. Calmly supporting the every day. Uncommon People is a series to introduce you to the people who help make Uncommon office spaces thrive each and every day. Get to know us…

Can you please introduce yourself, tell us your name and your role at Uncommon?
I’m Naomi Otal and I’m the Customer Experience Manager at Uncommon Borough.

What career path led you to this position? What have you done before joining Uncommon?
I started my career in the retail industry but after a few years I felt like I needed a change of environment and found a new role at a 5* Hotel. I was working in the Guest Experience / Concierge department and really enjoyed it. I was mostly responsible for ensuring my clients received the top-class experience during their holiday and seeing them happy was truly rewarding. After a couple of years, I decided to move to London. I was looking for a role in which I could still be involved in customer service but in a more stable environment, allowing me to build strong and long-term relationships with customers and members.

Can you describe your role and what an average day looks like for you?
My role is to make sure everybody who enters Uncommon receives the best, seamless service and experience. No two days are the same for me… My main duties include managing the front desk and the onsite coffee shop, ensuring all the high standards of our facilities and service are met, finding quick and effective solutions to any issues, assisting our General Manager Ollie, leading sales tours, onboarding new companies and many, many more.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Nothing feels better than helping our members and making people happy!

What advice would you give someone who’s considering a similar role?You will need to have interest in exploring different areas of the business, you need passion, you need to be motivated, emphatic and be a very good team player.

What do you enjoy most about working from Uncommon spaces?
The great opportunities for career progression, various employees’ benefits including our awesome team gatherings, the atmosphere, the style of work and Uncommon values.

“Nothing feels better than helping our members and making people happy!”

What’s your go to productivity hack?
Microsoft OneNote – it’s where I organise all my tasks, I keep all notes and information, I track my sales tours, etc. I find it very useful and it gives me the flexibility I need on a daily basis – if I am away from my desk, I can easily access it from my phone and add a quick note. The app that everybody should try.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day and what are you passionate about outside of work?
One of my biggest passions is to dance salsa. It helps me to release stress, have a good time and meet new people. I also like to have a nice aromatic bath and listen to music.