Meeting Rooms Hire Terms & Conditions

The Meeting Hire Contract, these Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire and any documents referred to there in together constitute the entire contract (“Agreement”) between the Hirer and Uncommon.

1. Application for Hire

1.1. The Hirer must honestly declare and fully represent at the outset the purpose for hiring the Meeting Space. Any actual or apparent misrepresentation may result in cancellation of the Meeting by Uncommon without notice.

1.2. All Meeting Space Bookings to be confirmed in writing via the M&E team at Uncommon, contract to be signed to fully confirm space. Space Is not confirmed without contract.

2. Hirer’s Use of Meeting Space

2.1. The Hirer shall be responsible to ensure Uncommon team are fully aware of the nature and details of the Hirer’s proposed use and purpose for hiring the Meeting Space and shall not use the Meeting Space for any purpose or activity other than the purpose or activity made known to Uncommon at the time of booking hire in accordance with the agreed Meeting Hire Agreement.

2.2. The Hirer, its officers, servants, agents and guests must only use those parts of the Meeting Space, which are specified for use in the Agreement including only those means of access and as are sign posted and/or notified to the Hirer at the commencement of the Hire Period.

2.3. The Hirer shall not make any alterations to the layout or appearance of the Meeting Space or move/remove Uncommon’s property without the prior consent.

2.4. The times stated in the Hire Period on the Meeting Hire Agreement must be strictly adhered to. Any alterations to these times to be agreed in writing by the M&E team at Uncommon prior to commencement of the event.

2.5. The Hirer must ensure that the number of guests within the meeting does not exceed the total number of guests stated in the Meeting Hire Agreement. Any changes on site must be reported to the buildings team at your venue.

2.6. The Hirer shall report any loss, theft, damages or to the Uncommon’s Member of Staff immediately upon discovery. Hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the premises which will be covered by in your Meeting Hire Agreement.

2.7. At the end of the Hire Period the Hirer must remove all the Hirer’s equipment, furniture, personal possessions and anything brought and placed therein by the Hirer and/or its guests. If the Hirer fails to do this Uncommon shall be entitled to remove the same and shall be at liberty to make an additional charge to the Hirer for so doing – providing on the items left behind.

2.8. The state of the space post event must be as it was provided. Any furniture moves, or any extra cleaning that is required beyond the standard clean will be charged for. Any furniture staining that requires extra cleaning will be charged for and if not capable of being clean, will be replaced for new and fully charged for.

3. Deposit, Hire Fee, Other Charges and Payment Terms

3.1. The Hire Fee shall be the sum stated on the front of the Meeting Hire Agreement. Deposit is required within ten (10) calendar days ofthe issue date of the contract to secure the booking. Payment can be made by BACS electronic transfer or credit/debit card. See Meeting Hire Agreement to confirm deposit amount at time of booking.

3.2. Payment for your meeting can be made by BACS electronic transfer or credit/debit card. Event must be pre-paid no later than 7 days prior to event. Event will be subject to cancellation If payment Is not received at this time.

3.3. Cancelation fees apply as following:

  • Cancellation within 3 weeks prior to the Meeting Date 25% of the balance owed
  • Cancellation within 2 weeks prior to the Meeting Date 50% of the balance owed
  • Cancellation within 1 week prior to Meeting Date 100% of the balance owed

3.4. We may require a credit/debit card to hold on file alongside any pre-payment as a guarantee. This will be used in case of any additional Incidental charges, or any charges added on the day of the booking.

3.5 Cancellations to be accepted when received in writing and will take effect from date of receipt, cancellations sent across to [email protected]

3.6 Any changes in cost relating to booking will need to be confirmed in writing to the events team. We reserve the right to cancel or move the booking should it no longer be suited to the space booked.

3.7. Any lost access cards given by Uncommon member of staff for the The Hirer and/or his guests will be charged £20 + VAT each.

4. Hirer’s Suppliers and Deliveries

4.1. It is necessary to ensure all suppliers attending the premises fully understand how to do so safely and securely.

4.2. The Hirer can request for a reasonable number of items to be delivered to the premises ahead of the event, if agreed in writing with the Uncommon M&E team. The Hirer is responsible for any items delivered before the meeting or left at the premises for collection the following day. Uncommon shall not accept any liability or responsibility for such items. Any items that may be left after the meeting, will not be at the liability of Uncommon and cannot be stored after event.

5. Event Advertising and Publicity

5.1. The Hirer shall obtain the prior approval of the Uncommon team to any publicity material proposed to be issued in relation to the Hirer’s use of the Meeting Space.

5.2. The Hirer shall provide M&E team with copies of the invitation (If applicable) and a full guest list prior to the Event Date. Final numbers to be confirmed to M&E team no later than 7 days prior to the event. Any changes after this time will be fully chargeable.

6. Health, Safety and Security

6.1. During the meeting, your onsite Uncommon Member of Staff on duty will assume full control and responsibility for ensuring meeting runs to our onsite Health, Safety & Security procedures, including, where appropriate, evacuation procedures if necessary.

6.2. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all premises at all times. Please speak to your onsite team to confirm limitations at your designated site.

6.3. The Hirer shall not bring any petrol, petroleum (or similar spirit), illicit or illegal substances on or into the premises.

6.4. The Hirer shall be responsible for maintaining the proper order and conduct of all guests attending the meeting and shall ensure such persons comply with any instructions they may receive from any Uncommon Member of Staff and generally behave in an appropriate manner. Uncommon reserves the right to remove any person attending the meeting from the premises if in its opinion they Uncommon terms and conditions of access.

6.5. All parts of the meeting Space in use will be patrolled by the Uncommon teams. Please refer to your onsite manual/team should there be any queries.

7. Insurance and Indemnity

7.1. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Uncommon from and against any and all loss, damage or liability (whether criminal or civil) suffered and legal fees and costs incurred by Uncommon resulting from a breach of this Agreement by the Hirer including any act, neglect or default of the Hirer its officers, servants, agents or guests and breaches in respect of any matter arising from the Event resulting in any successful claim by any third party.

7.2. The Hirer shall at the request of Uncommon provide evidence that valid and suitable insurance policies are in place. This must be provided to Uncommon prior to commencement of the event, Uncommon reserves the right to terminate the contract If not received.

7.3. Uncommon shall indemnify the Hirer against claims for death and personal injury arising pursuant to performance of this Agreement, arising from the negligence of Uncommon.

7.4. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Uncommon from and against all claims, proceedings, actions, damages, legal costs (including but not limited to legal costs and disbursements on a solicitor and client basis), expenses and any other liabilities arising from or incurred by the use of the Hirer, pursuant to performance of this Agreement, of any material which involves any infringement or alleged infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1. Uncommon shall not accept any liability (whatsoever or howsoever caused) for the loss of or damage to any property or items placed or left in any part of the premises by the Hirer or any person attending the meeting, or any damage to the premises during the Hire Period unless the loss or damage is caused by or arises out of the negligence of Uncommon.

8.2. In the event of the meeting space or any part thereof being rendered unfit for use for which it has been hired due to circumstances beyond Uncommon’s reasonable control Uncommon shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

8.3. Uncommon shall not be liable to the Hirer for consequential loss or damage, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity, loss of contract or loss of goodwill.

9. No Assignment or Sub-Letting

The Hirer shall not assign or sublet in whole or in part any of its benefits or burdens under this Agreement. Meeting Hire Agreement will be terminated Immediately If this Is found to be the case.

10. Variations

No variation to this Agreement or any of its terms shall be effective unless it is made in writing and signed by or on behalf of each party. See each term for reference.

11. Force Majeure

If either party is prevented from or delayed in the performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement by any event (a “Force Majeure Event”) beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, civil commotion, war, earthquake, fire, pandemic, flood, industrial action, terrorist action, inclement weather or political interference, then it shall notify the other party in writing of the circumstances, and shall be excused from performing those obligations for so long as the Force Majeure Event shall continue.