International Women’s Day – Inspiring Uncommon Members: Chloë

Every woman has an incredible journey to share with the world.

We’re putting the spotlight on our very own members and their career paths this International Women’s Day.

Here is Chloë’s story:

What is it that you do and why did you choose this career path? 

I help women build a successful online business so they can work less and earn more. I know it can sound a little cliché but I’m a lover of tech and automation, being known as The Automation Queen, and I believe that women can have the ability to earn what they want and be successful business owners whilst being mums, wifes, sisters, daughters and the rest! 

If I’m honest, I didn’t exactly choose this career path, it sort of just happened! I left the corporate world at 24 to start my own life coaching business and I decided to build my own online course and along with it my first sales funnel to sell the online course. For me, the systems and the technology felt so easy and simple and, after getting great results for myself, I decided to specialise in business mentorship for online businesses and teach how to build a successful online business with technology, automating the right processes and creating sales funnels!

Would you say there are equal opportunities within your line of work? Did you have to face any challenges related to inequality in your career and if so, how did you overcome those? 

It’s really difficult to know if my experience would have been different if I was a man but there’s no getting away from the fact that there is a clear difference in the opportunities given to men and those that are given to women. There have definitely been times where I’ve been in a meeting and the attendees have assumed that I’m the secretary or assistant, instead of the CEO and the founder and it’s incredibly frustrating.

This may be controversial but I believe it can work both ways and I can say that I’ve been extremely fortunate to have some incredible opportunity because of being a woman. Whether it’s been speaking opportunities as the only female speaker or hitting bestseller status with my book as a female author, I’ve personally received a lot of exposure and opportunities due to being a woman that I’ll forever be grateful for.

There has been SO much evidence that proves that women can be incredible assets to any business but I think that it’s not showcased enough. As women, one of the biggest changes to overcome this is to give more opportunities to other women! If we don’t start supporting each other, how can we expect others to?

What women inspires you the most or is your biggest influence?

Wow this is a tough one! If I had to pick one person in the world, I would have to pick Michelle Obama.

Before even being in the public eye, she challenged the norm and the limits that were put on her by doing what others told her she would never be able to do. She then went on to maximize her position and the platform she was given to change the status quo for others and made people open their minds to the possibilities of young women and the impact they could make on the world.

What advice would you give to young women looking to start working in your sector?

To any young women looking to start in the online space, I would say my biggest piece of advice is to get really clear on your vision and where you want to take your business. I know right now you’re probably just thinking about how to make it work right now but business is a long term project, not a short term gain so get really clear on your long term goals for your business and ask yourself “How would I like this to be in 10 years time?”. 

Another really important tip that I wish someone had told me when starting an online business is to make sure you be completely yourself and show your personal side. Even with the best tech and online marketing, people still connect with the people. Make sure your business is driven by inspiring people, showing your personality and then your clients will buy into you and your products!

My final piece of advice with building an online business is to learn to switch off! With any business using the internet, the work never really stops. As the main women behind the scenes, it can be too easy to work all the time and be available 24/7 but it’s vital to put boundaries in place that allow you to completely switch off. Your business may be using technology but you’re still human! 

As we continue going through the challenging times of change, what are your professional plans and career focus for the rest of 2021? Please mention any new projects you’re currently working on. 

I’m a great believer that, despite things being really tough for businesses out there, every challenging situation creates an opportunity and with the current situation, it’s given so many businesses the opportunity to pivot to the online space and make the most of technology! So my plans for the rest of 2021 is to continue to support female entrepreneurs in making the most of this opportunity. We’ve also just launched the Queens In Business Club, which is a global members club for female entrepreneurs that provides women with the education, environment and empowerment to take the right steps in building their businesses. We’re hosting virtual mentoring sessions, webinars and a 2 day virtual summit this month so we’ve got a lot coming up!

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