Alive with Possibilities

Episode Two: Tessa Clarke

Tessa Clarke is the co-founder of Olio, a neighbourhood sharing app where you get to share unwanted food and household items, so you can declutter, help the planet and support your local community all at the same time. To date, Olio has a community of over 7 million people who have enabled 35 million neighbour pick-ups, which has led to over 155 million portions of food being shared and many friendships being formed. 

In this episode Chris Davies CEO of Uncommon sits down with Tessa to discuss the origins of Olio and founding the business with a best friend, the community she created and her passion for the sharing economy. They talk about Tessa’s personal journey of growing up on a farm in North Yorkshire and how it helped her to become “insanely curious, where she takes her learnings from and her ambitions of making a real change whilst leaving strong legacy behind. 

To discover more about Olio visit here.

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