Alive with Possibilities

Episode Ten: Nick Mabey

Nick Mabey co-founded Assembly Coffee back in 2015 in Brixton. They take pride in roasting the world’s rarest and highest quality coffee using precise roasting methods. They set the leading example in the industry by redefining how coffee can be sourced to return a greater value to farming communities. So whether it’s Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya or the Republic of Congo you are having a sense of responsibility with your coffee.

In this episode Chris Davies CEO of Uncommon joins Nick to discuss his career, from joining Volcano Coffee to launching Assembly Coffee and navigating through Covid, the specifics of London speciality coffee market and the art of coffee trading. They talk through becoming a B Corp and how it’s enabling them to have a positive impact on the future of farming.

Every episode our guest recommends a book to be placed on the Uncommon Bookshelf, check out Nick’s: Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith

To discover more about Assembly Coffee visit here

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