Alive with Possibilities

Episode Six: Rob Smith

Rob Smith is the founder of the wellbeing consultancy, That Day who design and deliver wellbeing strategies that inspire growth in people, both personally and professionally.

In this episode of Alive with Possibilities, host Chris Davies – CEO of Uncommon and Rob discuss why he had enough of the corporate world, techniques such as the wellbeing wheel to bring more joy and peace to your everyday life and how vital it is to recognise and look after your mental health.

Rob openly discusses how in lockdown someone close to him tried to take their own life which completely rocked Rob’s way of being and thinking, From this, alongside his friends Mark & Josh they created Uncommon Man, which is a monthly event where men have the opportunity come together in a safe space to heal, reflect and grow. These events are held within Uncommon’s London Liverpool Street location and have been a runaway success with people travelling internationally to take part.

To discover more about That Day visit here and Uncommon Man visit here.

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