Alive with Possibilities

Episode One: Ella Mills

Ella Mills is an entrepreneur, author and founder of Deliciously Ella. Deliciously Ella started as a platform to help people eat real food, following her own experience of ill health in 2011 she learnt to cook natural, plant-based foods to feed herself back to good health. Since its launch Ella, alongside her husband, Matthew have published 6 bestselling books, opened a restaurant, created a wellness app and launched plant based products with one product sold every second.

In this episode, Chris Davies CEO of Uncommon visits the Deliciously Ella offices to sit down with Ella and talk about her personal and business journey, the evolution of her brand and the future of the food industry. They dive into the challenges of keeping the brand independent against much larger competitors and running the business with her husband, balancing the company’s ambitious plans whilst raising two daughters.

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