Alive with Possibilities

Episode Four: Vishal Amin

Vishal Amin is the co-founder and CEO of UNTIL – a disruptive start-up that’s changing the face of the health and wellness industry. UNTIL gives practitioners a better way to run and grow their businesses with access to world-class facilities, a collaborative community and the tools and technology to help drive growth. With investment and onboarding from Steven Bartlett last year, Vish is shaking up the industry for the better.  

In this episode host Chris Davies, CEO of Uncommon and Vish discuss his entrepreneurial career, from selling sweets in the playground, to becoming a global CFO and more recently after changing his own personal journey in health & fitness he is helping practitioners to earn what they deserve in this multi-billion industry.  

They discuss in depth the mantra of ‘living in the grey’, the enthusiasm for taking the untrodden path and why accountability is so important to Vish – not just in his business but his own life too.  

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