What is activity-based working?

What is activity-based working?

Sitting at the same desk all day is something that the majority of us have become used to. It’s a routine that we don’t really question. Rarely moving, staring at the same screen for hours, with the exact same view around the office, doing a wide array of tasks. Research has increasingly shown this way of working limits our productivity, stifles creativity and reduces staff collaboration.

Activity Based Working (ABW), is a philosophy that emphasises the importance of the right environment for the right task, whether it’s creative or empirical. Sounds intuitive right? But the people designing offices in the 1980s were concerned with a one size fits all model and the nature of work was far more static. Since then the global economy has undergone rapid changes, pivoting towards information and technology, transforming into the knowledge economy.

Activity Based Working encourages people to recognise how differently designed spaces can support varying tasks and understands the needs of team members, whether introverted or extroverted. 75% of members at Uncommon believe that having separate spaces designed for different activities has a positive impact on productivity and wellness.

ABW does away with traditional desks, instead people gravitate towards spaces to best complete the task they are doing. For meetings of a sensitive nature, low seated environments create a sense of trust between people. Uncommon has specifically created low seated areas across all spaces for when sensitive topics need to be discussed.

There’s nothing worse than needing to concentrate, but background noise keeps distracting you. At Uncommon we understand the importance of focused working, each of our spaces is curated to help influence our state of mind. If a space is aimed towards concentration, we curate a playlist that is slower and calmer to reflect your heartbeat, otherwise it can become a distraction.

Sound is a sense that instantly comes to mind when imagining what can affect our concentration, but smell can also play an important role. The scent of a room can impact the way you think, whether you want to concentrate or are seeking inspiration, we infuse our spaces with scents such as lemon verbena (for concentration) or cinnamon (for creativity).

ABW also incorporates the concept of spaces to rest, as it’s important to find spaces to decompress and unwind. A whopping 74% of UK employees have said they lack sufficient space to relax at work. Uncommon has designed zen gardens and roof terraces to provide just that. There’s little more relaxing than walking through a zen garden filled with exotic plants. The reason for this? Humans are biophilic, we love to be surrounded by nature, that’s why at Uncommon we have over 1,000 plants spread across all our spaces.

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