Uncommon People: Isabella D

Uncommon People: Isabella D

You won’t notice us. But we’re always here in the background. Making sure you have everything you need. Helping you focus. Calmly supporting the every day. Uncommon People is a series to introduce you to the people who help make Uncommon thrive each and every day. Get to know us…

Can you please introduce yourself, tell us your name and your role at Uncommon?
My name is Isabella but I also go by Izzy, and I am a CEA at Uncommon Liverpool Street.

What career path led you to this position? What have you done before joining Uncommon?
Prior to joining Uncommon I had been working in various retail and hospitality jobs, both in head office and in customer facing roles. It has been really interesting to learn what companies do to ensure their customers have the best experience with them, and to keep them coming back. When I left my previous job, I knew that I wanted to find a position with a focus on customer interaction and entering the serviced office industry was definitely the right challenge I was looking for!

Can you describe your role and what an average day looks like for you?
I am sure that the rest of my Client Experience team would agree when I say that no two days are the same! Here at Liverpool Street we have a lot of members, and a very large building to maintain. As a Client Experience Assistant, my role is to be the first point of contact for members and to ensure that everyone using our space is having the best time possible. Some daily tasks will include doing regular building walks and identifying any issues that need resolving and answering member and external enquiries. There is no way to fully plan a day at Uncommon- some things will pop out of nowhere and will need to be dealt with immediately, but as a team we work really efficiently which is so helpful. I am also the Equality Ambassador for Uncommon, and so am constantly finding ways we can promote Equality in the workplace through initiatives, charitable events and training for our team.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Making someone’s day and having genuine conversations with people. Even if that is as simple as giving someone directions to the post office or helping them to log into the portal! It definitely feels like an extended family here at Uncommon and I don’t think you would get that same experience in a traditional office set up. It’s also a really lovely feeling when you can introduce members to each other and friendships or business opportunities arise because of that. It really helps to create a sense of community.

What advice would you give someone who’s considering a similar role?
Don’t worry too much about planning every moment of your day –  you definitely need to be open to the fact that plans change and you need to act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to always be learning!

It definitely feels like an extended family here at Uncommon and I don’t think you would get that same experience in a traditional office set up

What do you enjoy most about working from Uncommon spaces?
The greenery – it really is like an oasis away from the often hectic city life and has a really calming effect.

What’s your go to productivity hack?
Making lists! I use the Sticky Notes app on my laptop as I prefer a digital system rather than writing notes on paper (better for the planet, and also less chance of me losing my list!) I write everything I need to do on my notes, and can just cross it off when I complete something. It is the best way for me to organise my tasks and my mind.

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