Uncommon Liverpool Street offers superior digital connectivity experience

Uncommon Liverpool Street offers superior digital connectivity experience

We are delighted to announce that Uncommon Liverpool Street has achieved Wired Certified Gold rating for its best in class digital connectivity offering.

Wired Certification is the global rating scheme for digital connectivity in commercial real estate delivered by WiredScore. It is a trusted benchmark for commercial property and provides greater transparency for occupiers to help them make an informed decision before signing a lease.

Founded in New York in 2013,  with an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg,  international demand for the digital connectivity rating system has since seen the company expand operations to the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Canada. To date, over 500 million square feet of commercial real estate has been Wired Certified globally.

Find our more at wiredscore.co.uk.

What does Wired Certified Gold mean for you?

Uncommon Liverpool Street provides a choice of four fibre providers

Why this matters – this provides substantial choice for tenants around their own service and options for backup provision. It also creates a competitive pricing environment giving access to the best available rates. Tenants can choose from BT Openreach, Networkfish, Convergence or Exponential-E. Having multiple independent providers allows you to choose and negotiate the service that best suits their connectivity without compromising the speed they require.

Secure, reliable site wide digital infrastructure

Why this matters: Uncommon Liverpool have invested in the underlying digital infrastructure so the building can provide a reliable, consistent connectivity. This means the building has diverse intakes which gives resilience against any single point of failure. This reduces the likelihood of an interrupted connection. This also means the Telco equipment is physically secure to protect against service disruption.

A seamless connectivity experience

Why this matters: Uncommon Liverpool Street provides tenants with a seamless connectivity experience, meaning tenants will be able to access high speed connectivity quickly. This is because the Standard Wayleave Agreement is on file which significantly reduces the time it takes for any additional ISP to service a building as the legal terms to do so are already outlined, removing the need to start these negotiations from scratch.

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