Uncommon Book Club – May 2020

Uncommon Book Club – May 2020

Welcome back to the Uncommon Book Club.

We are always on the lookout for topics and subjects which we enjoy and hope that our members will too. The great thing about books is that there will always be one or several to fill that gap in your life at any time – whether you are looking to improve your cooking or are searching for escape from the current situation. There is nothing more indulgent than curling up with a great travel book, to inspire our longing to escape and fulfil our dreams – pick your favourite country and there are endless books extolling its joys and offerings.  Or should you want to plot the journey of a lifetime, you are literally spoiled for choice. Take a look at a few of the titles we recommend below:

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, Peter Frankopan

Yearning for the exotic? Head off on The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan. Literally a journey through centuries and continents, how we got there, what we learned, what we loved and what continually calls us back. Take time and savour the journey.

The Things You Can See, Only When You Slow Down, Haemin Sunim

Looking for something a little less frenetic, then try The Things You Can See, Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim which is really a book for our time. Sunim is a Buddhist monk, born in Korea, brought up in the US and is full of the wisdom and advice to help us through relationship problems, professional setbacks and the stress that we meet in our everyday lives.

Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill, Matthieu Ricard

What are we all searching for? Happiness of course. In which case Matthieu Ricard’s book Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill could be the perfect read. A molecular biologist turned Buddhist, Ricard combines science with spiritual teachings to give a step-by-step guide to finding peace of mind.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is one of the great classic self-help books and if you haven’t read it don’t wait a moment longer. It is full of simple, sane advice devoted to both personal and professional development and discusses everything from empathy to change, from understanding to uncertainty. Get it on Audible and take it out with you on your daily run. It has changed people’s lives, it could change yours too (he’s even written one for the teenage market – a great present for your younger siblings).

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, Suze Orman

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. Isn’t the title enough? Don’t we all long to learn how to get there? More than anything it teaches us how to manage money without allowing it to control our lives by helping us understand money and removing the fear of finance. Best of all it explains finance to all of us who are a tad frightened of it.

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