Top trends discovered at the Salone del Mobile 2019

Top trends discovered at the Salone del Mobile 2019

Founder and Designer Tania Adir explored the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week, these are the latest trends she discovered.

Fluted glass

Tania noticed that fluted, obscure, textured glass is very popular this year. Tania loved how the beautiful stand by Glass Italia stood out and use of textured glass in partitions by Lualdi created divisions that were not only structurally and visually impressive, but a clever use of design.

Fluted Glass Gals Italia

Walnut is back

It is clear that the use of walnut is back in fashion big time. The rich texture, flawless pattern which was something that seemed old fashioned not that long ago has made a real come back. Tania loved the walnut panelling with batten detailing. Which gives it that mid-century look while the sharp leg and handle details keep it contemporary.

Walnut Furniture Salone del Mobile

Ceppo di gre stone

The concrete look has become as classic as denim. The ceppo di gre stone effect is so versatile yet so contemporary that it works with almost anything. It’s a typically Italian grey-blue ornamental stone, originally from Gre’. Which is located near Lake Iseo, Italy, particularly used in architecture during Spanish rule. The word ceppo means “rock with pebbles” and this is its main aesthetic feature.

Space Encounters Salone Del Mobile

Deep bronze metal finish

Tania noticed that the deep bronze metal finish was prevalent throughout the Salone del Mobile, mixed with marble and other materials, really illustrating the balance between richness and sleekness. At the Uncommon space in Liverpool Street, the latest of the four spaces, the design has been a blend of bronze and golds with marble and wood.


Combination of materials

There was a vast combination of different materials in one piece. An example, wood, stone and metal all in one and another which Tania loved by Frigerio Salotti, which featured a beautiful sideboard containing geometrical patterns, created from walnut, nubuck and leather.

Frigerio Salotti Salone del Mobile

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