Top trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Top trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Founder and designer of Uncommon, Tania Adir, has been in attendance at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week and has discovered certain trends, including the use of wood, metal and stone, all of which are extremely prominent in the newly launched flagship Liverpool Street space.   


Metal has been a huge tend at this year and it’s come in different guises from bronzes to copper to larger industrial scales.  This can be seen in the galvanised steel installation at Clerkenwell Design Week. The ‘Be, Well’ Pavilion, sponsored by Haines Watts in partnership with architects WR-AP and supported by Joseph Ash Galvanising, Berry Systems, Lionweld Kennedy, John Cullen Lighting and the Galvanizers Association, invites you to pause, reflect and share your thoughts in their well of reflection. Something that Tania has infused in to all the spaces at Uncommon – keeping mindful and well. It’s also illustrative of the metal and light art installation designed and created by Marcus Lyall, entitled ‘In a Heart Beat’ that sits in the lobby of the new Liverpool Street space.  

Uncommon Liverpool Street, the latest of our four spaces, combines a blend of bronze and gold furniture, lighting and accessories. From the beautiful golden hanging lights to the copper plant vases and the tones of the detailing, each blend and compliment the colours and textures of the natural wood and greenery in the space. 


Havwoods showroom was filled with texture and tones, plus a multitude of different wooden flooring in various shapes. They exhibited some neat designs and new innovative ways to incorporate wood in to a space. On the 7th floor co-working area, the design reflects elements of nature and warmth through various elements, give the space a feeling of comfort and cosiness.

There are two large custom designed co-working tables from Riva 1920 cut from a single tree trunk, continuing the natural and earthy themes present within our space – so it’s wood that’s tactile and durable, plus it looks cool. Members in the space can use it to stand or sit at or gather with colleagues to have lunch at. It adds a lot of depth to the space and is a great talking point. 

Living greenery is also central to Uncommon’s wellness strategy and houses over 1,000 plants, to help filter the air and provide a more natural feel to our space. Central to this, is the 5-metre Ficus benjamina treesituated in the central atrium of the top-floor communal mezzanine area. 


Stone played a big part this week, with brands such as Marrazi capturing Tania’s eye, with their shapes and rich colours. Solus also proved to be a big hit with their large marble pieces in a variety of colours. Our spaces at Liverpool Street and Fulham both have great uses of marble and stone, both in the bars and on the floors. They add richness and depth if detail, providing a sophisticated design aesthetic to the overall space. 

A stand out piece in the space is the bespoke designed, angular polish Portoro marble bars set in the café are of Liverpool Street on the 7th floor. The contrasting colours, from the bronzed and gold tones, bright greenery, and natural wood joined with the statement dark marble creates a chic and warm aesthetic to the entirety of the space at Liverpool Street.  

To experience all the recent design trends visit out Liverpool Street space.

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