Tidy room, tidy mind

Tidy room, tidy mind

The benefits of a calm and organised office

Whether it be your kitchen cupboards, garden shed or office desk, everyone is different when it comes to tidying. Some of us can’t function in mess at all. Some like all to be uniform and pristine and others are less bothered if this isn’t so. Nevertheless, research tells us that mess and disorganisation inhibit work quality and efficiency. Unnecessary clutter interrupts your physical and mental flow: your ability to move and think. If you like the sound of positive flow, read on for more of our best tips…


Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that people’s task performance was superior in an organised environment than a disorganised one. These results indicated that excess objects in your surroundings are a distraction. Clutter can also inhibit creativity because it bombards our minds with excessive stimuli. Our brains work overtime in an attempt to focus on the stimuli that are important to the task at hand. Give yourself a break – throw away the knick knacks.


Exposure to the “clutter effect” is a threat to your physical and mental wellbeing. Being unable to locate what you need is frustrating. Tasks take longer to complete and may need to be done repeatedly as a result. Mess can also induce feelings of guilt and embarrassment which leave you stressed and anxious when amongst colleagues. Keep on top of your stuff to regain control and serenity.


A recent study showed that people eat less healthily and snack more whilst in chaotic environments. Study participants in the messy, disorganised kitchen ate twice as many cookies compared to those in a standard, non-chaotic kitchen. This only exacerbates all that we’ve pointed out already. Gut hormones enter the brain and influence cognitive abilities such as understanding and processing new information and prioritising tasks efficiently. Focus on giving your body whole, nutritious foods. You’ll be benefiting your mind and body while keeping them both in tip-top shape.

Out of sight, out of mind

Never sit amongst reams of paperwork, lists and brainstorms. These provide constant reminders of what remains to be done. Starting each day on a fresh slate or desk fosters focus on today’s priorities and today’s alone. Hot desking provides workers with a fresh space that’s clear of clutter but full of space for new ideas. It can also improve intercompany networking and remove workspace monotony…making way for even more fresh new ideas.

This system doesn’t require you to bring more items into work each day either. If your office provides personal lockers, you can leave all essential items there. On that note, there’s something to be said for clocking off and locking off too. The physical act of locking your work laptop and diary in your locker reinforces the action of leaving your work at work. Leaving you to get home to reboot and refresh after a long day of being brilliant.

You won’t find any clutter in Uncommon workspaces. Each of our workspaces are designed to boost efficiency and reduce stress. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about where and how you work. For more ideas about how to get the most out of your working day or to arrange a viewing, get in touch.

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