Green Christmas: inspiring documentaries to watch this festive period

Green Christmas: inspiring documentaries to watch this festive period

Once the festive celebrations are over, we all like to sit comfortably on a sofa, grab a big mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a good movie. But this year, instead of rewatching the same old Christmas classics, why not trying something a bit different?

If you’re engaged with the current climate crisis, or would like to learn more about our environment and the stature it’s in, there’s plenty of documentaries out there to discover. They will become a great starting point for challenging conversations at the family table and are good food for thought for New Year’s resolutions. Take a look at our selection below!

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The True Cost – dir. Andre Morgan

Focusing on the high street fashion industry, the movie depicts the world-wide problem of cheap fashion and its impact not only on the planet, but the communities involved in the manufacturing process. A good one to watch before deciding on buying yet another Christmas jumper from the high street.

Planet Earth

This classic BBC series narrated by Sir David Attenborough is something you can return to over and over again. Depicting nature in all of its wholesome beauty, it will truly motivate you to put all your effort into saving our planet.

No Impact Man – dir. Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein

The documentary follows an American writer Colin Beavan in his efforts to lead a “zero impact on environment” lifestyle. It’s a funny and charming movie, light-hearted yet thought provoking, and will definitely make you consider trying zero, or at least low impact living.

Cowspiracy – dir. Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

If you’re thinking about starting a plant-based diet, watch Cowspiracy and we assure you’ll reach your final decision in no time. The movie explores the real impact of animal agriculture on the environment, touching on global warming, carbon emission, deforestation among many other pressuring issues. If you’re having a meat feast this Christmas, maybe save this one till a few days after your meal.

Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things – dir. Matt D’Avella

A must watch, especially around Christmas time when the consumption reaches its high point. This documentary presents various different minimalist ways of living, so take a look, get inspired and start decluttering!

Before the Flood – dir. Fisher Stevens

A great introduction for those who want to learn more about environmental issues. Leonardo DiCaprio meets with activists and world leaders to talk about the climate crisis in the search for potential solutions. The movie’s very insightful and DiCaprio’s presence makes it a very enjoyable watch too!

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