Spacebase Guest Blog: New year, new meeting

Spacebase Guest Blog: New year, new meeting

The start of the new year is a time for making wishful resolutions and attempting to go dry and/or vegan for January (but breaking it halfway through), all whilst declaring ‘new year, new me!’ But we at Spacebase think you should start this decade with something different – ‘new year, new meeting!’

As experts in all things meetings, we know that when they go right, even the hardest challenges can be overcome. But it is frequently the case that meetings can be counterproductive and lose track of their target. Follow these simple tips to bring creativity back into the meeting room and instantly boost your productivity.  

Change up your space, and change the way you meet

Leave the days of dull and lacklustre meeting rooms in 2019. This year, motivate your attendees with a change in scenery. Whether it is an inspiring meeting room filled with the latest technology and beautiful artwork, or something more unique like a boxing ring or a boat, the difference in surroundings makes the brain more alert, immediately enhancing engagement. 

The interior of a space has a big impact on the mood of a meeting by elevating the ambience and inspiring innovation. For best results, pick a space to complement your task. Brainstorming? A space with yellow hues will boost optimism and get the creative juices flowing. Problem solving? Be sure to have some greenery in the room for a harmonious atmosphere and to naturally reduce stress levels.

Create a schedule

The foundations of any effective meeting are built in the planning. Deciding a clear agenda and sharing this with the attendees beforehand is a crucial step to a successful meeting. It works in two ways: thinking through the specific outcomes determines how necessary the meeting actually is. Ask yourself the question “what will this meeting achieve?” If the answer is a vague shrug of the shoulders, take a rain check. Secondly, giving attendees sufficient time to prepare ensures that everyone will stay on track towards the same goal. 

Now stick to the schedule

Don’t let your careful planning go to waste. The key to keeping the conversation on topic throughout a meeting is allocating fixed time slots for each discussion point. Knowing there is a time limit will create a more efficient and concise conversation and prevent the meeting from drifting off course. 

End on a high

Take a moment at the end of the meeting to reflect on the decisions made and the problems solved. Leaving the room with an air of optimism will help the productivity and energy cultivated in the meeting be reignited back in the office.

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