Full Flex Office

Full Flex Office

No strings attached. Choose your own private office days, knowing there’s always space when you want it. Fully set up for you and your team to boost productivity in a safe and creative environment.


  • Super-fast internet

    Excellent connectivity, all-inclusive with your price. High-speeds essential for sending large files and streaming HD video.

  • Safety first

    With extra measurements in place, including hospital grade cleaning, thermal cameras and sanitisers in all key touch points.

  • Full set-up

    Benefit from the full professional private office set-up including ergonomic office furniture and access to printing facilities.

  • Coffee lounge

    Fuel up with healthy snacks to keep energy levels high throughout the day. And for an extra boost, there’s artisan coffee for a caffeine hit.

  • ABW

    Stands for Activity Based Working. Choose between quiet zones and meeting rooms, or collaborative areas and outdoor spaces.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Planning a big presentation or an official client meeting? Book one of our meeting rooms with full presentation and conferencing facilities.


Highbury & Islington

Take a lunchtime stroll to the fresh air of Highbury Fields.

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Explore the full flexibility

Enjoy full flexibility and professional set up for you and your team in the part time private office.
Available for offices of 4 person or more.

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